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 23 settembre 


sabato 22

.Barry Cohen, 79, American attorney, leukemia.

.Jo Gilbert, 63, British film producer (Closing the Ring), brain tumour.

.Chas Hodges, 74, British musician (Chas & Dave), organ failure.

.Imtikumzuk, 51, Indian politician, heart attack.

.Mike Labinjo, 38, Canadian football player (Calgary Stampeders, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles). (death announced on this date)

.Bob Lienhard, 70, American basketball player (Cantů), cancer.

.Edna Molewa, 61, South African politician, Minister of Environmental Affairs (since 2010), Minister of Social Development (2009–2010), Premier of North West Province (2004–2009).

venerdě 21

.David Bamigboye, 77, Nigerian military officer and politician, Governor of Kwara (1967–1975).

.Vitaliy Masol, 89, Ukrainian politician, Prime Minister (1994–1995).

.Howard Michaels, 62, American businessman, cancer.

.Zinaida Mirkina {ru}, 92, Russian poet and translator.

.Tr?n Đ?i Quang, 61, Vietnamese politician, President (since 2016), Minister of Public Security (2011–2016), virus.

.Vilma Valera, 73, Filipino actress and singer, complications from diabetes.

.Natalia Vysotsky, 74, Russian actress.

.Andrey Zaytzev {ru}, 46, Russian journalist.

giovedě 20

.Edmundo Abaya {de}, 89, Filipino Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Nueva Segovia (1999–2005).

.Ibrahim Ayhan, 50, Turkish politician, MP (since 2011), heart attack.

.Fadhil Jalil al-Barwari, 52, Iraqi military officer, heart attack.

.Inge Feltrinelli, 87, German-born Italian publisher and photographer.

.Krystyna Grzybowska {pl}, 77, Polish journalist.

.George N. Hatsopoulos, 91, Greek-born American mechanical engineer.

.Joseph Hoo Kim, 76, Jamaican record producer, liver cancer.

.Huang Ching-yuen, 98, Chinese children's author.

.Saodat Juraeva, 85, Tajik actress.

.K-Run's Park Me In First, 13, American show dog, winner of the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club's Best in Show.

.Yasuyuki Kunitomo, 65, Japanese manga writer, heart failure.

.Mohammed Karim Lamrani, 99, Moroccan politician and holding investor, Prime Minister (1971–1972, 1983–1986, 1992–1994).

.Ludmila Milanich, 84, Russian poet.

.Mohamed Sahnoun, 87, Algerian diplomat, Ambassador to the United States (1984–1989).

.Ludovikus Simanullang, 63, Indonesian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Sibolga (since 2007), sepsis.

.ChelseyRai S. Standberry, 36, American actress, traffic collision.

.Reinhard Tritscher, 72, Austrian Olympic alpine skier (1972), climbing accident.

.Conrado Walter, 95, German-born Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Jacarezinho (1991–2000).

.Henry Wessel Jr., 76, American photographer, lung cancer.

.Riccardo Zinna {it}, 60, Italian actor (Nirvana, This Is Not Paradise, Benvenuti al Sud) and composer, cancer.

mercoledě 19

.Dave Barrett, 63, American news radio correspondent (CBS, ABC, Fox), three-time Edward R. Murrow Award winner, heart attack.

.Sir Louis Blom-Cooper, 92, British lawyer.

.Sadashiv Brahmavar, 90, Indian actor.

.Geta Bratescu, 92, Romanian visual artist.

.Buren Bayaer, 58, Chinese singer and journalist, heart attack.

.Jon Burge, 70, American police officer (Chicago Police Department), suspected mass torturer and convicted perjurer. (death announced on this date)

.Bunny Carr, 91, Irish television presenter (Quicksilver).

.Vishnu Khare, 78, Indian poet and writer, stroke.

.Kondapalli Koteswaramma, 100, Indian communist revolutionary and writer, stroke.

.Gyozo Kulcsár, 77, Hungarian fencer, Olympic champion (1964, 1968, 1972).

.Marilyn Lloyd, 89, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Tennessee's 3rd congressional district (1975–1995).

.Ferdi Merter {tr}, 79, Turkish actor.

.Arthur Mitchell, 84, American dancer and choreographer, founder of the Dance Theatre of Harlem, heart failure.

.Wojciech Myrda, 39, Polish basketball player (Avtodor Saratov).

.Keith Nord, 61, American football player (Minnesota Vikings), cancer.

.Denis Norden, 96, English comedy writer (Take It from Here), television presenter (It'll Be Alright on the Night) and radio personality (My Music).

.Felton Pruett, 89, American guitarist (Hank Williams).

.Gamil Ratib, 91, Egyptian-French actor (Lawrence of Arabia).

.Jesús Rodríguez Magro, 58, Spanish racing cyclist, heart attack.

.Vitaliy F. Shevchenko {ru}, 64, Ukrainian politician, writer and journalist.

martedě 18

.Steve Adlard, 67, English football player and coach (Marquette Warriors), cancer.

.Ernie Bateman, 89, English footballer (Watford).

.Gian Luigi Boiardi, 67, Italian politician, Deputy (2001–2005), heart attack.

.Carlo Dell'Aringa, 77, Italian politician, Deputy (2013–2018), heart attack.

.David DiChiera, 83, American composer and founding general director of Michigan Opera Theatre, pancreatic cancer.

.Piotr Lachert, 80, Polish composer and pianist.

.Carmencita Lara, 91, Peruvian singer.

.Marceline Loridan-Ivens, 90, French writer, film director and Holocaust survivor.

.Titti Maartmann, 97, Norwegian luger.

.Lawrence Martin-Bittman, 87, Czech-born American artist, author and intelligence officer.

.Jean Piat, 93, French actor (Clara de Montargis, Rider on the Rain, The Accursed Kings) and writer.

.Richard M. Pollack, 83, American mathematician.

.Ben Rawnsley, 85, American actor (Nothing in Common, An Innocent Man, Race to Space).

.Vladimír Šafránek, 46, Czech vocalist.

.Wesley Tinglin, 75, Jamaican reggae singer (the Viceroys), lung cancer.

.Robert Venturi, 93, American architect, Pritzker Prize winner (1991), complications from Alzheimer's disease.

.Norifumi Yamamoto, 41, Japanese mixed martial artist (Shooto, Hero's, UFC), stomach cancer.

lunedě 17

.Dan Ayala, 82, American college women's basketball coach (UNLV).

.Celia Barquín Arozamena, 22, Spanish golfer, stabbed.

.Enzo Calzaghe, 69, Italian-born Welsh boxing trainer.

.Captain Raju, 68, Indian military officer and actor (Nalla Naal, Rowdy Alludu, Cotton Mary), complications from a stroke.

.Maninder Singh Dhir, 66, Indian politician, complications from a stroke.

.Stephen Jeffreys, 68, British playwright and screenwriter (The Libertine, Diana), brain tumour.

.Anna Rajam Malhotra, 91, Indian civil servant (Indian Administrative Service).

.Annette Michelson, 95, American film and art critic, dementia.

.Barbara Nascimbene {it}, 59, Italian actress (The Exorcist: Italian Style, How to Seduce Your Teacher, Identification of a Woman).

domenica 16

.Iris Acker, 88, American actress (Flight of the Navigator, Whoops Apocalypse, Cocoon: The Return), pancreatic cancer.

.Perry Miller Adato, 97, American documentary film producer.

.Maartin Allcock, 61, English multi-instrumentalist (Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, Robert Plant) and record producer, liver cancer.

.Kevin Beattie, 64, English footballer (Ipswich Town, Middlesbrough, national team), heart attack.

.Tommy Best, 97, Welsh footballer (Hereford United, Cardiff City, Chester).

.Horst Bosetzky {de}, 80, German sociologist and writer.

.Assid Corban, 93, New Zealand politician, Mayor of Waitakere City (1989–1992), cancer.

.John F. Kelly, 69, American politician, member of the Michigan Senate (1979–1994), heart attack.

.Jim Kettle, 93, Australian footballer (Fitzroy).

.Jone Kubuabola, 72, Fijian politician, Minister for Finance (2000–2006).

.Isao Matsushita, 66, Japanese composer.

.Big Jay McNeely, 91, American R&B saxophonist, prostate cancer.

.Kembo Ncube, 96, Zimbabwean actor, heart failure.

.James B. Thayer, 96, American army brigadier general.

.Butch Wade, 73, American basketball player (Indiana State Sycamores).

.Michael Young, 59, Australian footballer (Carlton, Melbourne), cancer.

sabato 15

.Djamel Allam {fr}, 71, Algerian singer and composer.

.Juan Bastida {es}, 64, Spanish stage actor, heart attack.

.Irina Bessarabova, 57, Russian documentary film director and actress.

.Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, 92, British aristocrat and courtier.

.Paola Colmán, 40, Paraguayan model.

.Albert Dryden, 78, British steelworker and convicted murderer, complications from a stroke.

.Masashi Fujiwara, 72, Japanese politician, member of the House of Councillors (since 2001), liver cancer.

.Jasdev Yamla Jatt, 60, Indian musician, heart attack.

.Warwick Estevam Kerr, 96, Brazilian agricultural engineer, geneticist and entomologist.

.Kirin Kiki, 75, Japanese actress (Shoplifters, The Triple Cross, Half a Confession), breast cancer.

.Bohumil Kulínský {cs}, 59, Czech choral conductor and convicted child molester.

.Silvio Liotta, 82, Italian politician, Deputy (1994–2006).

.David Lowenthal, 95, American geographer and historian.

.Lionello Puppi, 86, Italian art historian and politician, Senator (1985–1987).

.Charles Rappleye, 62, American writer, cancer.

.Clay Riddell, 81, Canadian geologist and oil executive (Paramount Resources), co-owner of the Calgary Flames.

.David Rubadiri, 88, Malawian poet and diplomat.

.Franco Scornavacca, 70, Brazilian musician and band manager (KLB, Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano), cardiac arrest.

.José Manuel de la Sota, 68, Argentinian politician, Senator (1995–1999), Governor of Córdoba (1999–2007, 2011–2015), traffic collision.

.Dudley Sutton, 85, British actor (Lovejoy, The Devils, The Pink Panther Strikes Again), cancer.

.Fritz Wintersteller, 90, Austrian mountaineer.

.Zhu Xu, 88, Chinese actor (Shower, The King of Masks, Lan).

venerdě 14

.Alan Abel, 94, American prankster and writer, cancer and heart failure.

.Max Bennett, 90, American jazz bassist (L.A. Express) and session musician (The Wrecking Crew).

.Beverly Bentley, 88, American actress (Scent of Mystery, C.H.U.D., The Golden Boys).

.Bernardo Bello, 84, Chilean footballer (Colo-Colo).

.Ruth Dowman, 88, New Zealand sprinter and long jumper, British Empire Games bronze medalist (1950).

.Majid Gholamnejad, 35, Iranian footballer (Saipa, PAS Hamedan, national team), heart attack.

.Anneke Grönloh, 76, Dutch singer.

.Branko Grünbaum, 88, Yugoslavian-born American mathematician.

.Dinesh Chandra Joarder, 90, Indian politician, MP (1971–1980), MLA (1987–1996).

.Saeed Kangarani, 63, Iranian actor (My Uncle Napoleon, Dar Emtedade Shab, Marriage, Iranian Style), heart attack.

.Zienia Merton, 72, Burmese-born British actress (The Chairman, Doctor Who, Space: 1999).

.María Magdalena Pavón, 77, Ecuadorian singer.

.Carlos Rubira Infante, 96, Ecuadorian pasillo and pasacalle singer-songwriter.

.Chai-Anan Samudavanija, 74, Thai political scientist.

.Rudolf Schieffer, 71, German historian.

.Jerry Telfer, 75, American photographer (San Francisco Chronicle), liver failure.

giovedě 13

.Mikhail Asafov, 67, Russian actor and director.

.Roman Baskin, 63, Estonian actor and director, cancer.

.Guido Ceronetti {it}, 91, Italian writer and poet, bronchial pneumonia.

.Valentin Chaikin, 93, Russian speed skater.

.Emmanuel Dabbaghian, 84, Syrian Armenian Catholic hierarch, Archbishop of Baghdad (2007–2017).

.Roxana Darín, 87, Argentinian actress.

.Roland Duval {fr}, 84, French film critic.

.Brij Katyal, Indian film writer, cancer.

.Howard Kennedy, 66, English footballer (Wycombe Wanderers), prostate cancer.

.Lin Hujia, 101, Chinese politician, Mayor of Beijing (1978–1981) and Tianjin (1978), Minister of Agriculture (1981–1983).

.Marin Mazzie, 57, American actress and singer (Ragtime, Kiss Me, Kate, Passion), ovarian cancer.

.Ivo Petric, 87, Slovenian oboist (Slavko Osterc Ensemble) and composer.

.K. N. T. Sastry, 73, Indian film director and critic.

.Albrecht Wellmer, 85, German philosopher.

.John Wilcock, 91, British journalist (The Village Voice), stroke.

.Jack N. Young, 91, American actor and stuntman (Death Valley Days, Wagon Train, How the West Was Won).

mercoledě 12

.Shlomo Aronson, 81, Israeli landscape architect.

.Miguel Benlloch {es}, 64, Spanish performance artist, poet and LGBT activist.

.Pasquale Buba, 72, American film editor (Heat, Day of the Dead, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood), cancer.

.Don Corbett, 75, American college basketball coach (Lincoln, North Carolina A&T), cancer.

.Barry Cunningham, 78, Australian politician, member of the Australian House of Representatives for McMillan (1980–1990, 1993–1996).

.Hossein Erfani, 76, Iranian voice actor, lung cancer.

.Sir William Kerr Fraser, 89, British civil servant, Chancellor of the University of Glasgow (1996–2006), Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Office (1978–1988).

.Robert Gillam, 72, American investor, stroke.

.Omar Gutiérrez Larré {es}, 70, Uruguayan journalist and radio personality.

.Robert A. Johnson, 97, American Jungian analyst and author.

.Henry Kalis, 81, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (1975–2003).

.Kim In-tae {ko}, 88, South Korean actor.

.Erich Kleinschuster, 88, Austrian trombonist and bandleader.

.Hans Kloss, 80, German artist and graphic designer.

.Gerald LaValle, 86, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania Senate (1990–2008).

.Wayne M. Meyers, 94, American microbiologist, chemist and humanitarian.

.Walter Mischel, 88, Austrian-born American psychologist, pancreatic cancer.

.Billy O'Dell, 85, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves), complications from Parkinson's Disease.

.Mark W. Olson, 75, American banker.

.George Peck, 75, American judge.

.Mike Pintek, 65, American radio host (KDKA AM), pancreatic cancer.

.Ralph Prouton, 92, English cricketer and footballer.

.Jorunn Ringstad, 75, Norwegian politician, MP (1993–2005).

.Frank Serafine, 65, American sound designer and editor (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Tron, The Hunt for Red October), traffic collision.

.Shen Chun-shan, 86, Taiwanese physicist and academic, President of National Tsing Hua University (1994–1997), ruptured intestine.

.Manny Siaca, 74, Puerto Rican boxing trainer, respiratory failure.

.Benedict Ganesh Singh, 90, Guyanese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Georgetown (1972–2003).

.Rachid Taha, 59, Algerian singer (Carte de Séjour), heart attack.

.Albert Ullin, 88, German-born Australian children's bookseller.

martedě 11

.Peter J. Barnes Jr., 89, American politician, member of the New Jersey General Assembly (1996–2007).

.Edwin Davies, 72, English football club owner (Bolton Wanderers) and management accountant.

.Fenella Fielding, 90, English actress (Follow a Star, Carry On Regardless, Carry On Screaming!), stroke.

.Vladimir Gluhov, 57, Russian painter.

.Thomas Aquinas Higgins, 86, American judge.

.Jim Houston, 80, American football player (Cleveland Browns), complications from dementia and ALS.

.Kalle Könkkölä, 68, Finnish politician and human rights activist, MP (1983–1987), pneumonia.

.Siegfried Linkwitz, 82, American audio engineer (Linkwitz-Riley filter), prostate cancer.

.M. Sam Mannan, 64, Bangladeshi chemical engineer.

.Kulsoom Nawaz, 68, Pakistani politician, member of the National Assembly (2017–2018), First Lady (1990–1993, 1997–1999, 2013–2017), complications from lymphoma.

.Don Newman, 60, American basketball coach (San Antonio Spurs, Washington Wizards) and football player (Saskatchewan Roughriders), cancer.

.Don Panoz, 83, American executive (Panoz, NanoLumens, Mylan), pancreatic cancer.

.José Bernardo Prada, 68, Colombian lightweight boxer, cancer.

.Roger W. H. Sargent, 91, British chemical engineer.

.Shan Tianfang, 83, Chinese pingshu performer.

.Tchan Fou-li, 102, Hong Kong photographer.

.Warut Woratham, 48, Thai actor, renal failure.

lunedě 10

.Kurt Benirschke, 94, German-born American geneticist and pathologist.

.Michel Bonnevie, 96, French basketball player (national team), Olympic silver medalist (1948).

.Chris Buttars, 76, American politician, member of the Utah State Senate (2001–2011).

.Adam Clymer, 81, American journalist (The New York Times), pancreatic cancer.

.Warrington Colescott, 97, American artist.

.Peter Donat, 90, Canadian-born American actor (The Godfather: Part II, The X-Files, The China Syndrome), complications from diabetes.

.István Géczi, 74, Hungarian footballer (Ferencváros, national team), Olympic silver medalist (1972).

.Vasyl Hurin {uk}, 79, Ukrainian painter.

.Albin F. Irzyk, 101, American military officer.

.Robert Harold Porter, 85, Canadian politician, MP (1984–1993).

.Bianca Reinert, Brazilian ornithologist, cancer.

.Micheline Rozan, 89, French producer, co-founder of the International Centre for Theatre Research.

.Helen Shepherd {nl}, 78, Dutch singer.

.Karol Sliwka, 85, Polish graphic artist.

.Johnny Strike, 70, American writer, guitarist and singer (Crime), cancer.

.Paul Virilio, 86, French philosopher and urbanist, heart attack.

.Co Westerik, 94, Dutch painter and photographer.

domenica 9

.Simon Adut Yuang, South Sudanese prelate, Episcopal Church of South Sudan Bishop of Yirol (since 2015), plane crash.

.Frank Andersson, 62, Swedish wrestler (NJPW, WCW) and reality show contestant (Let's Dance 2011), Olympic bronze medalist (1984), bacterial lung infection.

.Frank Davis, 82, American politician, member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives (1978–2004).

.Johannes Geldenhuys, 83, South African military commander, Chief of the Defence Force (1985–1990).

.William Gomis, 19, French footballer, shot.

.Silvio Grassetti, 82, Italian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer.

.Hélio Jaguaribe {pt}, 95, Brazilian jurist and sociologist.

.Adrian C. Louis, 72, American Lovelock Paiute author and screenwriter (Skins).

.Mr. Catra, 49, Brazilian singer, stomach cancer.

.Krystian Popiela, 20, Polish footballer (Cagliari), traffic collision.

.Beat Richner, 71, Swiss pediatrician and cellist.

.John W. Rogerson, 83, British Anglican priest and biblical scholar.

.Kovai Senthil, 74, Indian actor.

.Bill Smith, 80, English cricketer (Wiltshire, Surrey).

.Paul Stuffel, 91, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies).

.Wallace Tripp, 78, American illustrator (Amelia Bedelia) and author.

.Javier Usabiaga Arroyo, 79, Mexican politician, Minister of Agriculture (2000–2005) and Deputy (2009–2012).

sabato 8

.Jonas Algirdas Antanaitis, 97, Lithuanian politician.

.Tito Capobianco, 87, Argentine-born American stage director (Pittsburgh Opera), lung cancer.

.Gennadi Gagulia, 70, Abkhazian politician, Prime Minister (1995–1997, 2002–2003, since 2018), traffic collision.

.Giancarlo Galdiolo, 69, Italian footballer (Fiorentina, Sampdoria), frontotemporal dementia.

.Reidar Goa, 76, Norwegian footballer (Viking, national team).

.Christopher Harper-Bill, 71, British medieval historian.

.Lorraine H. Morton, 99, American politician, Mayor of Evanston, Illinois (1993–2009).

.Abu Hassan Omar, 77, Malaysian politician, MP (1978–1997), Menteri Besar of Selangor (1997–2000), heart attack.

.Ramin Panahi, 23, Iranian convicted Kurdish insurgent, execution by hanging.

.Erich Riedl, 85, German politician, member of Bundestag (1969–1998).

.Chelsi Smith, 45, American beauty pageant winner (Miss USA 1995, Miss Universe 1995), liver cancer.

.Richard Vincent, Baron Vincent of Coleshill, 87, British military officer and life peer.

venerdě 7

.Gaston-Armand Amaudruz, 97, Swiss neo-fascist political philosopher and Holocaust denier.

.Jacques Amyot, 93, Canadian long-distance swimmer, cancer.

.Steve Andreas, 82, American psychotherapist and author, complications from Parkinson's disease.

.Julio Blanck, 64, Argentine journalist, cancer.

.Samuel Bodman, 79, American politician, Secretary of Energy (2005–2009), complications from primary progressive aphasia.

.Ceesepe {es}, 60, Spanish movida painter, leukemia.

.Chang Baohua, 87, Chinese xiangsheng actor.

.Janis Claxton, 53, Australian choreographer, lung cancer.

.Vincent Cyril Richard Arthur Charles Crabbe, 94, Ghanaian judge, Justice of the Supreme Court.

.Drago Grdenic, 99, Croatian chemist and crystallographer.

.Kurt Helmudt, 74, Danish rower, Olympic champion (1964).

.Anna Karabessini, 95, Greek folk singer and songwriter.

.Jella Lauwens, 22, Belgian footballer (AA Gent Ladies), traffic collision.

.Alexander Margulis, 97, Yugoslavian-born American professor.

.Donald McGuire, 86, American singer (The Hilltoppers).

.Mac Miller, 26, American musician ("Goosebumpz") and record producer.

.Ingemar Mundebo, 87, Swedish politician, MP (1965–1980), Governor of Uppsala County (1980–1986), Economy minister (1978–1979).

.Hans Oleak, 88, German astrophysicist.

.Szarlota Pawel, 71, Polish comic book artist.

.Donald Robinson, 95, Australian Anglican prelate, Archbishop of Sydney (1982–1992).

.Bill Shaw, 94, American gospel singer (The Blackwood Brothers).

.Sheng Zhongguo {zh}, 77, Chinese violinist, heart attack.

.Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam, 94, Iranian abstract painter.

.Pawel Waloszek, 80, Polish motorcycle speedway rider.

.Yang Side, 96, Chinese PLA general.

giovedě 6

.Édouard Aidans {fr}, 88, Belgian comics artist.

.Peter Benson, 75, English actor (Heartbeat, Blackadder, Albion Market).

.Richard DeVos, 92, American businessman (Amway) and sports team owner (Orlando Magic), complications from infection.

.Philippe Eidel, 61, French music producer, writer and film composer.

.Ken Eyre, 76, British rugby league player (Hunslet, Leeds, Keighley).

.Liz Fraser, 88, British actress (I'm All Right Jack, Carry On Regardless, Dad's Army).

.Salawat Gallyamov, 59, Russian linguist.

.Yuri Gaydayenko, 69, Ukrainian water polo coach (national team).

.Will Jordan, 91, American comedian and actor (I Wanna Hold Your Hand).

.Johnny Kingdom, 79, English wildlife filmmaker (Johnny's New Kingdom), digger rollover.

.Gilbert Lazard, 98, French linguist and Iranologist.

.Diane Leather, 85, British middle-distance runner.

.Oleg Lobov, 80, Russian politician.

.Sylvia Meehan, 89, Irish women's rights activist.

.Wilson Moreira, 81, Brazilian sambista, singer and songwriter.

.Thad Mumford, 67, American television producer and writer (The Electric Company, M*A*S*H, The Cosby Show), Emmy winner (1973).

.Alan Oakman, 88, English cricketer (Sussex, national team).

.Burt Reynolds, 82, American actor (Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights, Deliverance), Emmy winner (1991), heart attack.

.Claudio Scimone, 83, Italian conductor (I Solisti Veneti).

.Casian Shwetz, 82, Russian illustrator.

.Sven Wernström {de}, 93, Swedish author.

mercoledě 5

.Roger Aguilar Salazar {es}, 79, Mexican politician, Deputy-elect (since 2018), cerebral hemorrhage.

.Imrich Andrejcák {sk}, 77, Czechoslovak general, defence minister of Czechoslovakia and Slovakia.

.Richard Bateman, 50, American bass player (Nasty Savage), heart attack.

.Rachael Bland, 40, Welsh journalist and presenter (BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC North West Tonight), breast cancer.

.Jim Borst, 86, Dutch Roman Catholic missionary (Saint Joseph's Missionary Society of Mill Hill), heart failure.

.Payel Chakraborty, 38, Indian actress.

.Nikolay Chernysh {ru}, 80, Russian theatre actor and director.

.Minor J. Coon, 97, American biochemist.

.Robert Coulter, 88, Northern Irish politician, MLA for Antrim North (1998–2011).

.François Flohic, 98, French admiral (Free French Naval Forces).

.Dennis Green, 87, Australian sprint canoeist, Olympic bronze medalist (1956), cancer.

.Erik Hauri, 52, American geochemist, cancer.

.Arthur Lawrence Hellyer Jr., 95, American radio and television broadcaster.

.Mike Hogewood, 63, American sportscaster (Raycom Sports, FSN South) and professional wrestling commentator (Ring of Honor), heart attack.

.Shubhangi Joshi, 72, Indian actress (Kahe Diya Pardes), stroke.

.Makdah Murah, 62, Syrian actress.

.Freddie Oversteegen, 92, Dutch resistance member.

.Lise Payette, 87, Canadian journalist, writer and politician, MNA (1976–1981).

.Alan Peart, 96, New Zealand World War II fighter ace (Royal New Zealand Air Force).

.Gilles Pelletier, 93, Canadian actor (Jesus of Montreal, The Barbarian Invasions, R.C.M.P.).

.Vince Phason, 65, American football player (Edmonton Eskimos, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Montreal Concordes), complications from traffic collision.

.Beatriz Segall, 92, Brazilian actress (Vale Tudo), pneumonia.

.Bhagwatikumar Sharma, 84, Indian Gujarati writer and journalist.

.John Stacpoole, 98, New Zealand architect and architectural historian.

.Vellai Subbaiah, 78, Indian actor.

.Rudolph Edward Torrini, 95, American sculptor, complications from Alzheimer's disease.

.Priscila Uppal, 43, Canadian poet, synovial sarcoma.

martedě 4

.Joseph Marie Régis Belzile, 87, Canadian-born Chadian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Moundou (1974–1985).

.Marijan Beneš, 67, Bosnian boxer, European amateur champion (1973), complications from Alzheimer's disease.

.István Bethlen, 72, Hungarian aristocrat and economist, MP (1990–1994).

.Sydney Anicetus Charles, 92, Trinidadian-born Grenadian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Saint George's in Grenada (1974–2002).

.Sheldon S. Cohen, 91, American attorney, Commissioner of Internal Revenue (1965–1969), heart failure.

.Ralph Wolfe Cowan, 86, American portrait artist.

.Bill Daily, 91, American actor (I Dream of Jeannie, The Bob Newhart Show) and game show panelist (Match Game).

.Don Gardner, 87, American rhythm and blues singer ("I Need Your Lovin'").

.Jason Hairston, 47, American football player (San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos) and hunting gear salesman, suicide.

.Vladeta Jerotic, 94, Serbian neuropsychiatrist and author.

.Ian Johnston, 71, Australian Olympic rower (1960).

.Christopher Lawford, 63, American actor (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Thirteen Days, All My Children), memoirist and political activist, heart attack.

.Lee Wang-pyo, 64, South Korean professional wrestler and martial artist, gallbladder cancer.

.Roman Mayboroda {uk}, 75, Ukrainian opera singer.

.Ab McDonald, 82, Canadian ice hockey player (Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadiens, St. Louis Blues), cancer.

.Gennadiy Melekhin {ru}, 82, Russian theatre actor.

.Bertrand Osborne, 82–83, Montserrat politician, Chief Minister (1996–1997).

.A. George Pradel, 80, American politician, Mayor of Naperville, Illinois (1995–2015), cancer.

.Bernardo Salazar, 76, Spanish sports journalist.

.Elisa Serna, 75, Spanish protest singer-songwriter.

.Khaled Tlemceni {ar}, 52, Egyptian actor and photographer, traffic collision.

.Larry Wigge, 68, American sports journalist (The Sporting News).

lunedě 3

.Khalil Al-Qari {ar}, 78, Pakistani Sheikh of the Imams of Haramayn.

.José Hugo Celidônio {pt}, 86, Brazilian chef and restaurateur.

.Rama Chowdhury, 81, Bangladeshi author, complications from diabetes.

.Lydia Clarke, 95, American actress (The Atomic City) and photographer, complications from pneumonia.

.Klaus Gerwien, 77, German footballer (Eintracht Braunschweig).

.Ian Hampshire, 70, Australian football player (Geelong, Footscray) and manager (Footscray).

.Jalaluddin Haqqani, 78–79, Afghan militant, founder of the Haqqani network.

.Ina Isings {nl}, 99, Dutch classical archaeologist.

.Warren Jones, 74, American judge, Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court (2007–2017).

.Ju Kyu-chang, 89, North Korean politician, director of nuclear and missile development, pancytopenia.

.Paul Koech, 49, Kenyan long distance runner, half marathon world champion (1998).

.Jacqueline Pearce, 74, British actress (Blake's 7, Dark Season, Doctor Who), lung cancer.

.Gordon Phillips, 72, English football player (Hayes, Brentford) and manager (Staines Town), cancer.

.Katyna Ranieri, 93, Italian singer and actress (Captain Phantom).

.Thomas Rickman, 78, American screenwriter (Coal Miner's Daughter, Hooper, Truman), cancer.

.Pedro Villagra {es}, 84, Chilean actor.

domenica 2

.Elsa Bloise, 92, Argentine theatre actress.

.Nancy Blomberg, 72, American art curator, accidental asphyxiation.

.Clarence Brandley, 66, American janitor wrongly convicted for murder, pneumonia.

.Rene Garcia, 66, Filipino guitarist (Hotdog).

.Shiv Kumar, 76, Indian actor (Maha Badmaash, Mehmil) and director (Mati Balidan Ki), complications from diabetes.

.Ian Lariba, 23, Filipino Olympic table tennis player (2016), acute myeloid leukemia.

.Cornel Piper, 81, Canadian football player (Winnipeg Blue Bombers), cancer and dementia.

.Kawther Ramzi, 87, Egyptian actress, circulatory collapse.

.Conway Savage, 58, Australian rock keyboardist (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), brain tumour.

.Giovanni Battista Urbani, 94, Italian politician, Mayor of Savona (1957–1958), Senator (1972–1987).

.Claire Wineland, 21, American cystic fibrosis assistance advocate, stroke.

.Fred Zamberletti, 86, American athletic trainer (Minnesota Vikings), spinal osteomyelitis.

sabato 1

.Aleksandr Aterman, Russian writer and journalist.

.Kenneth Bowen, 86, Welsh operatic tenor singer.

.José Luis Dibildox Martínez, 75, Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Tarahumara (1993–2003) and Tampico (since 2003).

.Clive Elliott, 82, British actor (The Pied Piper), cancer.

.Fernand Foisy {fr}, 84, Canadian trade unionist and writer.

.Nate Hatred, 43, American professional wrestler (CZW), traffic collision.

.Carl Pellonpaa, 87, American talk show host (Finland Calling).

.Irving Petlin, 83, American artist, liver cancer.

.Tarun Sagar, 51, Indian Jain monk, sallekhana.

.Margit Sandemo, 94, Norwegian-Swedish author (The Legend of the Ice People).

.Jean Seitlinger, 93, French politician, lawyer and writer, Deputy (1956–1962, 1973–1997) and MEP (1979–1984).

.Mykola Shytyuk, 64, Ukrainian historian, stabbed.

.Saad Al-Silawi {ar}, 55, Jordanian journalist, throat cancer.

.Svyatoslav Ushakov, 96, Russian actor (Mother, The Dust of Time).

.Randy Weston, 92, American jazz pianist and composer.

.Ehsan Yarshater, 98, Iranian scholar, director of the Center for Iranian Studies at Columbia University.