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• lunedì 14

.Rachelle Bergeron, American lawyer, acting Attorney General of Yap State (since 2019), shot.

.Patricio Bisso, 62, Argentinian actor (Kiss of the Spider Woman, Naked Tango).

.Harold Bloom, 89, American literary critic and writer (The Anxiety of Influence, The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages).

.Steve Cash, 73, American singer-songwriter, author and harmonica player (The Ozark Mountain Daredevils).

.Charles Dausabea, 59, Solomon Islands politician, MP (1990-1993, 1997-2001, 2006-2008).

.Anke Fuchs, 82, German lawyer and politician, Federal Minister of Health (1982) and Vice President of the Bundestag (1998-2002).

.Igor Kaleshin, 67, Russian football player (Akhmat Grozny, Druzhba Maykop, Kuban Krasnodar).

.Walter Da Pozzo, 55, Italian actor (Policemen, Who Killed Pasolini?, The Best of Youth).

.Baby Saroja, 88, Indian actress (Balayogini, Thyaga Bhoomi, Kamadhenu).

.Cooper Snyder, 91, American politician, member of the Ohio Senate (1979–1996).

.Sulli, 25, South Korean singer (f(x)), songwriter and actress, suicide by hanging.

.Patrick Ward, 69, Australian actor (The Unisexers, The Chain Reaction, My Two Wives).

.Yvonne S. Wilson, 90, American politician, member of the Missouri House of Representatives (1999–2004) and Senate (2004–2010).

.Ryszard Zaorski, 91, Polish actor (Salt of the Black Earth, Pearl in the Crown, Ojciec królowej).

• domenica 13

.Scotty Bowers, 96, American author (Full Service) and pimp.

.Paco Fabrini, 46, Italian actor, traffic collision.

.Jay Frank, 47, American music executive, founder of DigSin, cancer.

.Manuel Frattini, 54, Italian dancer, singer and actor, heart attack.

.Richard Huckle, 33, British convicted sex offender, stabbed.

.Charles Jencks, 80, American architect, cultural theorist (Post-modernism) and philanthropist, co-founder of Maggie's Centres.

.Mikheil Kobakhidze, 80, Georgian film director, screenwriter and composer.

.Sophia Kokosalaki, 47, Greek fashion designer, cancer.

.Vasim Mammadaliyev, 77, Azerbaijani theologian.

.Elias James Manning, 81, American-born Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Valença (1990–2014).

.Goran Marković, 33, Montenegrin footballer (Željezničar Sarajevo, Čukarički, Zrinjski Mostar), fall.

.Adolfo Mexiac, 92, Mexican graphic artist.

• sabato 12

.Deborah Barros-Smith, 60, American journalist and publishing executive.

.George Chambers, 88, American bassist and singer (The Chambers Brothers).

.Mac Christensen, 85, American clothier, president of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (2000–2012).

.Carlo Croccolo, 92, Italian actor (47 morto che parla, After the Fox, Three Men and a Leg) and comedian.

.Sara Danius, 57, Swedish literary critic and philosopher, member (2013–2019) and Permanent Secretary (2015–2018) of the Swedish Academy, breast cancer.

.Ding Shisun, 92, Chinese mathematician and politician, President of Peking University (1984–1989), Chairman of the China Democratic League.

.Kenny Dixon, 27, American drummer (Kane Brown), traffic collision.

.Woodie Flowers, 76, American mechanical engineering professor (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

.Nanni Galli, 79, Italian racing driver.

.María Luisa García, 100, Spanish chef and cookbook author, proponent of Asturian cuisine.

.Bob Goin, 81, American college sports administrator, athletics director (Florida State University, University of Cincinnati).

.Hevrin Khalaf, 35, Syrian politician and activist, Secretary General of the Kurdish Future Movement in Syria, shot.

.Milcho Leviev, 81, Bulgarian jazz pianist.

.Emilio Nicolas, Sr., 88, Mexican-American television station owner (KWEX).

.Yoshihisa Yoshikawa, 83, Japanese sport shooter, Olympic bronze medallist (1960, 1964), heart failure.

• venerdì 11

.Sam Bobrick, 87, American television writer (Saved by the Bell, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour), stroke.

.Daphne Dorman, 44, American comedian, suicide.

.Robert Forster, 78, American actor (Jackie Brown, The Black Hole, Medium Cool), brain cancer.

.John Giorno, 82, American poet and performance artist, subject of Sleep, heart attack.

.Kadri Gopalnath, 69, Indian saxophonist, cardiac arrest.

.Charles Jones, 46, American entrepreneur (Capital City Mambo Sauce), heart attack.

.Alexei Leonov, 85, Russian cosmonaut (Voskhod 2), first person to walk in space.

.Ram Mohan, 88, Indian animator (The Chess Player, Kaamchor, Meena).

.Ali Nakhjavani, 100, Azerbaijani-born Iranian Bahá'í Faith leader.

.Pasupuleti Purnachandra Rao, 71, Indian film historian (Silent Cinema (1895-1930)) and critic.

.Oriano Ripoli, 95, Italian politician, Mayor of Pisa (1985–1986).

.Heather Robson, 91, New Zealand badminton and tennis player.

.Ettore Spalletti, 79, Italian artist.

.Richard Tracey, 71, Australian judge and military officer, Judge Advocate General (2007–2014), cancer.

• giovedì 10

.Moji Akinfenwa, 89, Nigerian politician, Senator (1999–2003).

.Raymond Baumhart, 95, American educator, president of Loyola University Chicago (1970–1993).

.Sir Desmond Cassidi, 94, British admiral, Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command (1983–1984).

.Ugo Colombo, 79, Italian racing cyclist.

.Trizia Fiorellino, 50, Irish writer. {death announced on this date}

.William J. Hamilton, 86, American politician, member of the New Jersey General Assembly (1972–1978) and Senate (1978–1982).

.Dominic Jala, 68, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Shillong (since 1999), traffic collision.

.Richard Jeranian, 98, Armenian-French painter and draftsman.

.Tarek Kamel, 57, Egyptian politician and computer engineer, cancer.

.Juliette Kaplan, 80, British actress (Last of the Summer Wine, Coronation Street), cancer.

.Enrique Moreno, 63, Mexican-American lawyer, complications from cancer.

.Trinidad Morgades Besari, 88, Equatorial Guinean writer.

.Marie-José Nat, 79, French actress (A Woman in White, Violins at the Ball, La Vérité).

.Stuart Taylor, 72, English footballer (Bristol Rovers). {death announced on this date}

.Tsai Ying-wen, 67, Taiwanese political scientist, gastroesophageal reflux disease.

• mercoledì 9

.Richard Askey, 86, American mathematician, discoverer of Askey–Wilson polynomials, Askey scheme and Askey–Gasper inequality.

.Beppe Bigazzi, 86, Italian journalist and restaurateur.

.Dorothea Buck, 102, German author.

.Éamonn Burns, 56, Northern Irish Gaelic footballer (Down).

.John W. Corso, 89, American art director[1]

.Robert W. Estill, 92, American Episcopal prelate, Bishop of North Carolina (1983–1994).

.Reino Fagerlund, 65, Finnish Olympic judoka (1980).

.Thomas Flanagan, 88, Irish-born American Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of San Antonio (1998–2005).

.Jill Freedman, 79, American photographer, cancer.

.Lorand Gaspar, 94, Hungarian-born French poet.

.Andrés Gimeno, 82, Spanish tennis player, French Open winner (1972).

.Robert Guestier Goelet, 96, French-born American businessman and philanthropist.

.Jordie Lunn, 36, Canadian mountain biker, biking accident.

.Ion Moraru, 90, Moldovan writer and political activist (Sabia Dreptății).

.Filippo Penati, 66, Italian politician, President of the Province of Milano (2004–2009), Mayor of Sesto San Giovanni (1994–2001).

.John Baptist Sequeira, 89, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Chikmagalur (1987–2006).

.Satnarine Sharma, 76, Trinidadian judge, Chief Justice (2002–2008).

.Erling Steineide, 81, Norwegian Olympic cross country skier (1964).

.Jan Szyszko, 75, Polish politician, academic and forester, Minister of Environment (1997–1999; 2005–2007; 2015–2018).

.Charlie Yuson III, Filipino politician, Vice Mayor of Batuan, Masbate, shot.

.Louis-Christophe Zaleski-Zamenhof, 94, Polish-French civil engineer and esperantist.

• martedì 8

.Eduard Admetlla i Lázaro, 95, Spanish scuba diver, designer and photographer.

.Serafim Fernandes de Araújo, 95, Brazilian Roman Catholic cardinal, Archbishop of Belo Horizonte (1986–2004), complications from pneumonia.

.John Bennett, 77, Australian politician, Attorney-General of Tasmania (1986–1989).

.Carlos Celdran, 46, Filipino cultural activist and performance artist, heart attack.

.Francis S. Currey, 94, American technical sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient.

.Molly Duncan, 74, Scottish saxophonist (Average White Band), cancer.

.Georgette Elgey, 90, French journalist and historian.

.Ted Green, 79, Canadian ice hockey player (Boston Bruins, Winnipeg Jets) and coach (Edmonton Oilers).

.Chip Healy, 72, American football player (St. Louis Cardinals).

.Roland Janson, 80, Swedish actor (Sällskapsresan, Rederiet).

.Ryan Nicholson, 47, Canadian film director (Gutterballs) and visual effects artist (The Predator, Blade: Trinity), brain cancer.

.Helen Shingler, 100, British actress (Quiet Weekend, Silver Darlings, The Rossiter Case).

.Sammy Taylor, 86, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs, New York Mets).

.Margaret Xifaras, 74, American political activist, breast cancer.

.Reg Watson, 93, Australian television producer (Prisoner, Neighbours, Sons and Daughters) and screenwriter.

.Saadi Younis, 69, Iraqi footballer (national team), heart attack.

.Talaat Zakaria, 59, Egyptian actor and comedian (Call Mama, Aabu Ali, Sayed the Romantic), inflammation of the brain.

• lunedì 7

.Ovide Alakannuark, 80, Canadian politician, MLA (1999–2004).

.Harvey Benge, 75, New Zealand photographer.

.Wendy Chioji, 57, American news anchor (WESH), breast cancer.

.Warren William Eginton, 95, American judge (District Court for the District of Connecticut, 1979–1992).

.Barry Jackson, 82, English rugby union player (Broughton Park, Lancashire, national team).

.Ed Kalafat, 87, American basketball player (Minneapolis Lakers).

.Janusz Kondratiuk, 76, Polish film director.

.Jari Laukkanen, 57, Finnish Olympic cross-country skier (1988).

.Tony Mulhearn, 80, British political campaigner, lung disease.

.Ulick O'Connor, 90, Irish writer.

.Pepe Oneto, 77, Spanish journalist (Cambio 16) and writer.

.Eugène Saccomano, 83, French journalist.

.Wilson Sutherland, 84, British mathematician.

.Ella Vogelaar, 69, Dutch politician and trade union leader, Minister for Housing, Communities and Integration (2007–2008), suicide.

.Makoto Wada, 83, Japanese illustrator, essayist and film director (Mahjong hōrōki, Kaitō Ruby), pneumonia.

• domenica 6

.Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al Zamil, 77, Saudi Arabian businessman, Chairman of Saudi International Petrochemical Company (since 2004).

.Ginger Baker, 80, English Hall of Fame drummer (Cream, Blind Faith, Ginger Baker's Air Force), subject of Beware of Mr. Baker.

.Yevgeny Bushmin, 61, Russian politician.

.Ciaran Carson, 70, Northern Irish poet.

.Vlasta Chramostová, 92, Czech actress (The Trap, The Cassandra Cat, The Cremator).

.Seán Clohessy, 87, Irish hurler (Tullaroan, Kilkenny).

.Ezequiel Esperón, 23, Argentine footballer (Grêmio, Atlante), fall.

.Leroy Fuller, 90, Canadian restaurateur (Earl's, JOEY).

.Joseph Gourmelon, 81, French politician, Deputy (1981–1993).

.Florian Janny, 24, Austrian ice hockey player (Black Wings Linz, Kitzbühel), shot.

.Larry Junstrom, 70, American bassist (Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special).

.Masaichi Kaneda, 86, Japanese Hall of Fame baseball player (Kokutetsu Swallows, Yomiuri Giants) and manager (Lotte Orions), sepsis.

.Marina Kuklina, 33, Ukrainian actress.

.Martin Lauer, 82, German athlete, Olympic champion (1960).

.Neale Lavis, 89, Australian equestrian, Olympic champion (1960).

.Eddie Lumsden, 83, Australian rugby league player (St. George Dragons, Manly Sea Eagles, national team).

.John Mbiti, 87, Kenyan-born Swiss scholar.

.Samvel Mnatsyan, 29, Russian ice hockey player (Barys Astana, HC Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk, Admiral Vladivostok), cancer.

.Bernard Muna, 79, Cameroonian politician, Deputy Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (1997–2001), heart disease.

.Karen Pendleton, 73, American actress (The Mickey Mouse Club), heart attack.

.David Petel, 98, Iraqi-born Israeli politician, member of the Knesset (1959–1969).

.Richard Pfeiffer, 70, American LGBT advocate, director of Chicago Gay Pride Parade (since 1974), cancer.

.José Sámano, 76, Spanish stage and film producer (Retrato de Familia, Ogro, Esquilache).

.Goldfrid Siregar, 34, Indonesian environmental activist, head trauma.

.Stephen Swid, 78, American businessman, complications from frontotemporal degeneration.

.Rip Taylor, 88, American actor (The $1.98 Beauty Show, Chatterbox, Down to Earth) and comedian.

• sabato 5

.Lee Botts, 91, American environmentalist.

.Doug Dillard, 90, American cartoonist.

.Andy Etchebarren, 76, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, California Angels, Milwaukee Brewers).

.Amalia Fuentes, 79, Filipino actress (Rodora, My Only Love, Kahit Isang Saglit).

.Marcello Giordani, 56, Italian operatic tenor, heart attack.

.Tony Hoar, 87, British racing cyclist, cancer.

.Henry Keizer, 58, Dutch businessman and politician, Chairman of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (2014–2017).

.Blaine Lindgren, 80, American sprinter, Olympic silver medalist (1964).

.Roger Mayorga, 73, Nicaraguan footballer (Motagua, national team), heart attack.

.Sally Soames, 82, English photographer.

.Philippe Vandevelde, 62, Belgian comics writer (Le Petit Spirou, Soda, Spirou et Fantasio), heart attack.

• venerdì 4

.Ed Ackerson, 54, American singer-songwriter, musician (Polara, Antenna) and record producer, pancreatic cancer.

.Glen Brown, 75, Jamaican reggae musician and record producer.

.Mikhail Biryukov, 27, Russian tennis player.

.Diahann Carroll, 84, American actress (Julia, Dynasty, Claudine), Tony winner (1962), cancer.

.Bryce Gaudry, 76, Australian politician, MLA (1991–2007), pancreatic cancer.

.Tony Mabesa, 84, Filipino actor (Heatseeker, Small Voices, She's the One).

.Satya Priya Mahathero, 89, Bangladeshi Buddhist monk and social worker.

.Bill McKnight, 79, Canadian politician, MP (1979–1993).

.Stephen Moore, 81, British actor (A Bridge Too Far, The Last Place on Earth, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

.Bob Tufts, 63, American baseball player (Kansas City Royals, San Francisco Giants), multiple myeloma.

.Zhang Guobao, 74, Chinese politician, Director of the National Energy Administration (2007–2011).

.Zhang Siying, 94, Chinese engineer, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

.Bjorn Thorbjarnarson, 98, Icelandic-born American surgeon.

• giovedì 3

.Márta Balogh, 76, Hungarian handball player (Budapesti Spartacus SC, national team), world champion (1965).

.Vinnie Bell, 87, American inventor and guitarist.

.John Buchanan, 88, Canadian politician, MLA (1967–1990) and Premier of Nova Scotia (1978–1990).

.Mary Ellen Cataneo, 65, American publicist and music industry executive, cancer. {death announced on this date}

.Rami Danon, 76, Israeli actor (Beyond the Walls, The Smile of the Lamb, Live and Become), writer and director.

.Lewis Dauber, 70, American actor, liver cancer.

.Diogo Freitas do Amaral, 78, Portuguese politician, Acting Prime Minister (1980–1981), Minister of National Defence (1981–1983) and Foreign Affairs (1980–1981 and 2005–2006).

.Philip Gips, 88, American graphic designer and film poster artist (Alien, Rosemary's Baby, Downhill Racer).

.Coluthur Gopalan, 100, Indian nutritionist.

.Hu Yamei, 96, Chinese physician and leukemia researcher, President of Beijing Children's Hospital (1982–1989).

.Stephen J. Lukasik, 88, American physicist, respiratory failure.

.Philip K. Lundeberg, 96, American naval historian and World War II veteran, last survivor of the USS Frederick C. Davis sinking.

.Hussein Adel Madani, Iraqi cartoonist and political activist, shot.

.Ignacio Noguer Carmona, 88, Spanish Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Guadix (1976–1990) and Huelva (1993–2006).

.Roger Taillibert, 93, French architect (Parc des Princes, Olympic Stadium Montreal), complications from a fall.

.Alberto Testa, 96, Italian dancer and choreographer.

• mercoledì 2

.Michael Bauman, 69, American theologian.

.Bill Bidwill, 88, American football team owner (Arizona Cardinals).

.Custom Made, 34, American eventing horse, Olympic gold medallist (2000).

.Robert Hickman, 76, Australian football player (Richmond).

.Tiny Hill, 92, New Zealand rugby union player (Canterbury, Counties, national team) and selector.

.Giya Kancheli, 84, Georgian composer (Unusual Exhibition, Don't Grieve, Mimino).

.Jafar Kashani, 74, Iranian footballer (Shahin, Persepolis, national team), heart attack.

.John Kirby, 79, American attorney, namesake of Kirby, myelodysplastic syndrome.

.Paul LeBlanc, 73, Canadian makeup artist (Amadeus, No Country for Old Men, Big Fish), Oscar winner (1985).

.Barrie Masters, 63, English singer (Eddie and the Hot Rods).

.Beth Palmer, 67, American bridge player, breast cancer.

.Isaac Promise, 31, Nigerian footballer (Gençlerbirliği, Antalyaspor, national team), Olympic silver medallist (2008), heart failure.

.Jan Seelen, 80, Dutch footballer (VVV-Venlo, Ajax, Vitesse).

.Hanno Selg, 87, Estonian modern pentathlete, Olympic silver medallist (1960).

.Kim Shattuck, 56, American singer, songwriter and musician (The Muffs, The Pandoras, Pixies), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

.Morten Stützer, 57, Danish guitarist (Artillery).

.Hargovind Laxmishanker Trivedi, 87, Indian nephrologist.

.Matthew Wong, 35, Canadian painter, suicide.

.Alan Zaslove, 91, American animation director and producer (Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers).

.Ezra Zilkha, 94, American financier and philanthropist.

• martedì 1

.Gilbert Albert, 89, Swiss jeweller.

.Joseph Bismuth, 92, Tunisian businessman and politician, Senator (2005–2011).

.Cain Hope Felder, 76, American theologian and author.

.Anders Ferm, 81, Swedish diplomat, Ambassador to the United Nations (1982–1988).

.Karel Gott, 80, Czech singer, acute myeloid leukemia.

.Han Qiwei, 85, Chinese hydraulic engineer, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

.Jouko Innanen, 66, Finnish cartoonist.

.Miguel León-Portilla, 93, Mexican anthropologist and historian.

.Michel Létourneau, 69, Canadian politician, MNA (1994–2007).

.Bat McGrath, 73, American musician and songwriter (Friends and Love, "Come Some Rainy Day"), liver cancer.

.C. K. Menon, 70, Indian businessman and philanthropist.

.Martin Micallef, 61, Maltese broadcast journalist. {death announced on this date}

.Fred Molyneux, 75, English footballer (Southport, Plymouth Argyle, Tranmere Rovers).

.Wolfgang Perner, 52, Austrian biathlete, Olympic bronze medalist (2002).

.Eric Pleskow, 95, Austrian-born American film producer, President of United Artists (1973–1978) and Orion Pictures (1978–1991).

.Bernd Rumpf, 72, German voice actor and film-dubbing artist.

.Richard Scotton, 88, Australian health economist.

.Peter Sissons, 77, British journalist and broadcaster (BBC News, ITN, Question Time).

.Dick Soash, 78, American politician.

.Arto Tchakmaktchian, 86, Armenian-Canadian sculptor and painter.

.Gérald Tougas, 86, Canadian writer.

.Ruben A. Valdez, 82, American politician, member (1970–1978) and Speaker (1975–1976) of the Colorado House of Representatives.

.Beverly Watkins, 80, American blues guitarist.

.Wen Chuanyuan, 101, Chinese aeronautical engineer, designed China's first UAV and first flight simulator.

.Dionysia Zerbisias, 80, Canadian judge, Quebec Superior Court (1983–1986) and Appellate Court (1996–1998) judge.