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• martedì 22

.Themos Anastasiadis, 61, Greek journalist and publisher, cancer.

.Kevin Barnett, 32, American comedian and screenwriter (Rel, Hall Pass, The Heartbreak Kid).

.Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul, 63, Bangladeshi musician and militant, heart attack.

.Andrew Fairlie, 55, Scottish chef, brain cancer.

• lunedì 21

.Marcel Azzola, 91, French accordionist (Jacques Brel).

.Khandaker Abdul Baten, 72, Bangladeshi guerrilla leader and politician, MP (since 2009).

.Kaye Ballard, 93, American actress (The Mothers-in-Law, The Doris Day Show) and singer ("Fly Me to the Moon").

.Raghbir Singh Bhola, 91, Indian field hockey player, Olympic champion (1956) and silver medalist (1960).

.Maxine Brown, 87, American country singer (The Browns), complications of heart and kidney disease.

.Ulises Butrón, 56, Argentine rock guitarist and singer, complications from pneumonia.

.Mauro Cichero, 67, Italian-born Venezuelan footballer (national team).

.Evening Attire, 20, American racehorse. {death announced on this date}

.Padraic Fiacc, 94, Irish poet.

.Rosa González Román, 76, Chilean journalist and politician, Deputy (1998–2006).

.Henri, Count of Paris, 85, French noble, Orléanist pretender to the French throne (since 1999).

.Charles Kettles, 89, American colonel, Medal of Honor recipient.

.Roman Kudlyk, 77, Ukrainian poet and literary critic.

.Marie Kyselková, 83, Czech actress.

.Pedro Manfredini, 83, Argentine footballer (Racing Club, Roma, national team).

.Giuseppe Minardi, 90, Italian racing cyclist.

.Lupando Mwape, 68, Zambian politician, Vice-President (2004–2006).

.Adewale Olarenwaju, Nigerian actor.

.Oleksandr Okunskyi, 47, Ukrainian basketball player.

.Shivakumara Swami, 111, Indian Lingayat spiritual leader and educationist, Seer of Siddaganga Matha (since 1941), lung infection.

.Harris Wofford, 92, American attorney and politician, Senator from Pennsylvania (1991–1995), complications from a fall.

• domenica 20

.Mustapha Filali, 97, Tunisian politician.

.Evloghios, 83, German-born Italian Orthodox bishop, Primate of the Holy Synod of Milan (1990–2019).

.Dumisani Kumalo, 71, South African politician and diplomat, UN ambassador (1999–2009).

.Masazo Nonaka, 113, Japanese supercentenarian, oldest verified living man.

.François Perrot, 94, French actor (Toutes griffes dehors, Who Wants to Kill Sara?, Le coeur à l'ouvrage).

.Leonardo Quisumbing, 79, Filipino judge, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (1998–2009).

.Jimmy Rayl, 77, American basketball player (Indiana Hoosiers, Indiana Pacers).

.Lolo Rico, 84, Spanish writer, television director and journalist.

.Ian Shirley, 78, New Zealand social policy academic (Auckland University of Technology).

.Brandon Truaxe, 40, Canadian skin care executive, founder of Deciem, suicide by jumping.

.Andrew G. Vajna, 74, Hungarian-American film producer (Nixon, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Medicine Man).

.Mithra Wettimuny, 67, Sri Lankan cricketer.

• sabato 19

.Atin Bandyopadhyay, 85, Bangladeshi writer, stroke.

.Mario Bertoncini, 86, Italian composer, pianist, and music educator.

.Jagjit Singh Chopra, 84, Indian neurologist, complications from a stroke.

.Gert Frank, 62, Danish cyclist, Olympic bronze medalist (1976), heart attack.

.Nathan Glazer, 95, American sociologist.

.Liang Jingkui, 87, Chinese physical chemist, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

.Barthélémy Kotchy, 84, Ivorian writer and politician.

.Omelyan Koval, 98, Ukrainian politician.

.Ted McKenna, 68, Scottish drummer (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band), haemorrhage during hernia surgery.

.May Menassa, 80, Lebanese writer and journalist, ruptured aneurysm.

.Tony Mendez, 78, American intelligence officer, subject of Argo, complications from Parkinson's disease.

.Muriel Pavlow, 97, English actress (Malta Story, Doctor in the House, Reach for the Sky).

.Jaswinder Singh Sandhu, 63, Indian politician, cancer.

.Red Sullivan, 89, Canadian ice hockey player (Boston Bruins, New York Rangers) and coach (Pittsburgh Penguins), Alzheimer's disease.

.Henry Sy, 94, Chinese-born Filipino retailer and investor (SM Investments, SM Prime).

• venerdì 18

.Boo, 12, American dog and Facebook celebrity, heart failure.

.Gulab Chandio, 60, Pakistani actor.

.John Coughlin, 33, American figure skater, suicide.

.Gary Gutting, 76, American philosopher.

.Cees Haast, 80, Dutch racing cyclist.

.Gilles Paquet, 82, Canadian economist.

.Franco Pian, 96, Italian footballer (SPAL, Internazionale, Legnano).

.Brian Stowell, 82, Manx reporter (Manx Radio), linguist, physicist and author, Reih Bleeaney Vanannan winner (2008).

.William A. Thomas, 70, American college football player and coach (Tennessee State Tigers).

.Ivan Vutsov, 79, Bulgarian football player (Levski Sofia, national team) and manager (Spartak Pleven).

.Glen Wood, 93, American racing driver, co-founder of Wood Brothers Racing.

.Marcelo Yuka, 53, Brazilian drummer and songwriter (O Rappa), stroke.

• giovedì 17

.Vicente Álvarez Areces, 75, Spanish politician, President of Asturias (1999–2011), Senator (since 2011) and Mayor of Gijón (1987–1999).

.Babiker Awadalla, 101, Sudanese politician, Prime Minister (1969).

.S. Balakrishnan, 69, Indian film score composer and music director.

.Windsor Davies, 88, Welsh actor (It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Carry On England, Never the Twain).

.Fernand Labrie, 81, Canadian endocrinologist and medical researcher.

.Debi Martini, American punk rock singer and bassist (Red Aunts).

.Joe O'Donnell, 77, American football player (Buffalo Bills).

.Mary Oliver, 83, American poet, Pulitzer Prize winner (1984), lymphoma.

.Garfield Owen, 86, Welsh rugby player (Halifax, Keighley, Newport), Parkinson's disease. {death announced on this date}

.Vladimír Puchalský, 74, Czech politician, Mayor of Prerov (2014–2018), heart failure.

.Gil Carlos Rodríguez Iglesias, 72, Spanish judge, President of the European Court of Justice (1994–2003).

.Sam Savage, 78, American novelist (Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife).

.Turk Schonert, 62, American football player (Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, Stanford Cardinal), heart attack.

.Tara Simmons, 34, Australian musician, breast cancer.

.Daniel C. Striepeke, 88, American makeup artist (Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Mission: Impossible).

.Fumiko Yonezawa, 80, Japanese theoretical physicist, heart attack.

.Reggie Young, 82, American musician (The Memphis Boys).

• mercoledì 16

.Malik Mazhar Abbas Raan, 65, Pakistani politician, member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab (1997–1999, since 2013), heart attack.

.Gerard Basset, 61, French-born British sommelier, esophageal cancer.

.John C. Bogle, 89, American investor, founder of The Vanguard Group, cancer.

.Jean Chatillon, 81, Canadian composer.

.Vishnu Hari Dalmia, 94, Indian industrialist (Dalmia Group).

.Lorna Doom, 60, American punk rock bassist (Germs).

.Tom Hausman, 65, American baseball player (New York Mets, Milwaukee Brewers).

.Ahmed Hussein-Suale, 51, Ghanaian journalist, shot.

.Alfred Kunz, 89, German-Canadian composer and conductor, heart disease.

.Hugh Lewin, 79, South African anti-apartheid activist and writer.

.Aiia Maasarwe, 21, Israeli exchange student, homicide.

.Hank Norton, 91, American college football coach (Ferrum College).

.Tony Prasetiantono, 55, Indonesian economist.

.Mirjam Pressler, 78, German writer.

.Ilgam Shakirov, 83, Russian singer.

.Denis Sire, 65, French comics artist and illustrator.

.Brian Velasco, 41, Filipino drummer (Razorback), suicide by jumping.

.Rita Vidaurri, 94, American singer.

.Chris Wilson, 62, Australian musician (Short Cool Ones), pancreatic cancer.

.Yu Min, 92, Chinese nuclear physicist.

• martedì 15

.Bill Anagnos, 60, American stuntman and actor (The Warriors, The Bourne Ultimatum, A Beautiful Mind).

.Bai Hua, 88, Chinese novelist, playwright and poet.

.Avraham Bendori, 90, Israeli football player (Maccabi Tel Aviv, national team) and manager (Hapoel Ramat Gan).

.Henryk Blazejczyk, 81, Polish actor.

.Bradley Bolke, 93, American voice actor (The New Casper Cartoon Show, Underdog, The Year Without a Santa Claus).

.Jacques Boyon, 84, French politician, Deputy (1986, 1988–1997).

.Carol Channing, 97, American actress (Hello, Dolly!, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Thoroughly Modern Millie), singer and dancer, Tony winner (1964), natural causes.

.Edyr de Castro, 72, Brazilian actress (Roque Santeiro, Por Amor, Cabocla), and singer, multiple organ failure.

.Mels Dabaev, 78, Soviet and Russian archery trainer, Honored Trainer of the USSR (1984).

.Nikolaos Drosos, 89, Greek Orthodox bishop, Metropolitan of Karpenisi (1979–2016).

.Miloš Fikejz, 59, Czech film critic, encyclopedist and photographer, leukemia.

.Mónica Galán, 68, Argentine actress (La Mary, Atrapadas, Asesinato en el Senado de la Nación).

.Xavier Gouyou-Beauchamps, 81, French prefect and director general of France 3.

.Luis Grajeda, 81, Mexican Olympic basketball player (1964, 1968).

.Walter Klein, 95, American filmmaker, founder of International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers.

.Antonín Kramerius, 79, Czech footballer (Sparta Prague, Hradec Králové, national team).

.Rudolf Kucera, 71, Czech political scientist and dissident.

.Mason Lowe, 25, American professional bull rider, chest injuries sustained during a competition.

.Eduardo Martín Toval, 76, Spanish lawyer and politician, Deputy (1977–1980, 1982–1995) and member of Catalan Parliament (1980–1982).

.Tim Maypray, 30, American football player (Montreal Alouettes, Ottawa Redblacks).

.John J. McKetta, 103, American chemical engineer.

.Ataa Mensah, 91, Ghanaian actor.

.Mario Monje, 89, Bolivian politician, founder of Communist Party, pneumonia.

.Gabriel Montcharmont, 78, French politician, Deputy (1988–1993, 1997–2002).

.Jerónimo Neto, 51, Angolan handball coach.

.Reinaldo Pérez Rayón, 100, Mexican architect.

.Pilar Quirosa-Cheyrouze, 62, Spanish writer and poet.

.Miodrag Radovanovic, 89, Serbian actor (The Farm in the Small Marsh, The Elusive Summer of '68, Battle of Kosovo).

.Gebi Ramadhan, 24, Indonesian comedian, liver cancer.

.Simone Rignault, 75, French politician Deputy (1993–1997).

.Isaac del Rivero Sr., 87, Spanish comic writer and artist.

.Pavel Saliman-Vladimirov, 90, Russian stage actor.

.Biraj Kumar Sarma, 70, Indian politician, liver failure.

.Sir Anthony Skingsley, 85, British air chief marshal.

.José Souto, 59, French footballer.

.Thelma Tixou, 75, Mexican vedette and actress (La muchacha del cuerpo de oro, Santa Sangre).

.Bruce Tufeld, 66, American talent agent and manager (Laura Dern, Kelsey Grammer, Rob Lowe), liver cancer.

• lunedì 14

.Ido Abram, 78, Dutch writer and educator.

.Pawel Adamowicz, 53, Polish politician, Mayor of Gdansk (since 1998), stabbed.

.Bernardo Benes, 84, Cuban banker and community leader.

.Milton Bluehouse Sr., 82, American politician, President of the Navajo Nation (1998–1999).

.Gonzalo Ramiro del Castillo Crespo, 82, Bolivian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Military (2000–2012).

.Shivajirao Deshmukh, 84, Indian politician.

.Eli Grba, 84, American baseball player (New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels), pancreatic cancer.

.Maty Huitrón, 82, Mexican actress.

.Peter Nambundunga, 71, Namibian military officer.

.Francisco de Oliveira Dias, 88, Portuguese politician, Speaker of the Assembly (1981–1982) and Deputy (1976–1983).

.Raymond G. Perelman, 101, American businessman.

.Lenin Rajendran, 67, Indian film director (Venal, Puravrutham, Mazha) and screenwriter, complications from liver transplant.

.Gavin Smith, 50, Canadian professional poker player.

.Rainer Stadelmann, 85, German egyptologist.

.Tinca Stegovec, 91, Slovenian artist.

.Robby Tumewu, 65, Indonesian actor.

.Julio Vallejo Ruiloba, 73, Spanish psychiatrist.

.Duncan Welbourne, 78, English footballer (Watford).

• domenica 13

.Pierre Alard, 81, French Olympic discus thrower (1956, 1960).

.Roberto Reinaldo Cáceres González, 97, Argentinian-born Uruguayan Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Melo (1962–1996).

.Douglas M. Costle, 79, American environmentalist, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (1977–1981), complications from a stroke.

.Francine du Plessix Gray, 88, Polish-born American author and critic.

.Phil Masinga, 49, South African footballer (Leeds United, Bari, national team), cancer.

.Willie Murphy, 75, American blues musician (Running, Jumping, Standing Still), pneumonia.

.Susanne Neumann, 59, German author and trade unionist, cancer.

.Alfred K. Newman, 94, American Navajo code talker.

.Francis W. Nye, 100, American Major General in the U.S. Air Force.

.Serena Rothschild, 83, British racehorse owner.

.Guy Sénac, 86, French footballer.

.Mel Stottlemyre, 77, American baseball player (New York Yankees) and coach (New York Mets, Houston Astros), multiple myeloma.

.Mark Urman, 66, American film producer (ThinkFilm) and distributor, respiratory failure.

• sabato 12

.Christian Conrad Blouin, 77, Canadian-born Papua New Guinean Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Lae (2007–2018).

.George Brady, 90, Czech-Canadian Holocaust survivor and businessman.

.Anthony Colaizzo, 88, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1989–1998).

.Paul Englund, 80, American biochemist, Parkinson’s disease.

.Bonnie Guitar, 95, American country musician ("Dark Moon").

.Javier de Hoz, 78, Spanish philologist and academic.

.Etsuko Ichihara, 82, Japanese actress (Your Name, Hideyoshi, The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun), heart failure.

.Joe M. Jackson, 95, American Air Force officer, Medal of Honor recipient.

.Bob Kuechenberg, 71, American football player (Miami Dolphins).

.Batton Lash, 65, American comic book writer and artist (Supernatural Law, Archie Meets the Punisher), brain cancer.

.Nukman Luthfie, 54, Indonesian businessman.

.Bo Hi Pak, 88, South Korean cleric, leader of the Unification Church.

.Taw Phaya, 94, Burmese prince, Head of the Royal House of Konbaung (since 1956).

.Leonard M. Pike, 78, American agricultural scientist, developed the 1015 supersweet onion.

.Jaime Rosenthal, 82, Honduran politician, Third Vice President (1986–1989) and MP (2002–2006), heart attack.

.Sanger D. Shafer, 84, American country songwriter ("All My Ex's Live in Texas", "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind").

.Edward Sirait, 76, Indonesian film director.

.John Slim, 2nd Viscount Slim, 91, British peer, member of the House of Lords (since 1971).

.Takeshi Umehara, 93, Japanese philosopher, pneumonia.

.Santiago Valderas Cañestro, 85, Spanish general, Chief of the Defence Staff (1996–2000).

.Patricia Wald, 90, American judge, Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (1986–1991), pancreatic cancer.

.Patrick Yu, 96, Hong Kong barrister, city's first Chinese prosecutor.

.Béla Zsitnik, 94, Hungarian rower, Olympic bronze medalist (1948).

• venerdì 11

.Hugo Alarcón, 26, Chilean footballer (Deportes La Pintana, Deportes Linares, Deportes Melipilla).

.Sir Michael Atiyah, 89, British mathematician, President of the Royal Society (1990–1995).

.Rafael Arcadio Bernal Supelano, 84, Colombian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Arauca (1990–2003) and Líbano-Honda (2003–2004).

.Wayne Blair, 70, New Zealand cricketer (Otago).

.Walter Chandoha, 98, American photographer.

.Michel Dejouhannet, 83, French racing cyclist.

.Humberto Duvauchelle, 89, Chilean stage actor and director.

.Gus Ganakas, 92, American college basketball coach (Michigan State).

.Nigel Gawthorpe, 61, English politician, Mayor of Cambridge (since 2018), cardiac arrest.

.J. D. Gibbs, 49, American race car driver, co-owner of Joe Gibbs Racing, degenerative neurological disease.

.John G. Gunderson, 76, American psychiatrist, prostate cancer.

.Steffan Lewis, 34, Welsh politician, AM (since 2016), bowel cancer.

.Fernando Luján, 79, Mexican actor (Overboard, Día de muertos, Dangers of Youth), respiratory failure.

.Wayne St. Wayne, 64, American artist and professional wrestler, prostate cancer.

.Meera Sanyal, 57, Indian banker, cancer.

.Walter V. Shipley, 83, American businessman, CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank (1996–1999).

.Dimitris Sioufas, 75, Greek politician, Speaker of the Parliament (2007–2009).

.Charles Soreng, 84, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Daltonganj (1989–1995) and Hazaribag (1995–2012).

.Jumping Johnny Wilson, 91, American basketball player (Harlem Globetrotters).

• giovedì 10

.Theo Adam, 92, German opera singer.

.Karel Bican, 67, Czech priest and ex-bishop of Czechoslovak Hussite Church.

.Erminio Boso, 73, Italian politician, Senator (1992–1996), heart attack.

.Larry Cunningham, 67, American singer (The Floaters).

.Andy de Groat, 72, American choreographer.

.Philippe de Lannoy, 96, Belgian noble.

.Alfredo del Mazo González, 75, Mexican politician, Governor of the State of Mexico (1981–1986) and Minister of Energy, Mines and State Industry (1986–1988).

.Deng Tietao, 102, Chinese physician.

.Rick Forzano, 90, American football coach (Detroit Lions).

.Kevin Fret, 24, Puerto Rican musician, shot.

.Juan Francisco Reyes, 80, Guatemalan politician, Vice President (2000–2004).

.Martin Gore, 67, British oncologist, complications following yellow fever vaccination.

.Johnny Hetki, 96, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates).

.Gerd Jaeger, 91, German sculptor and painter.

.Patrick Malrieu, 73, French business executive and Breton activist and historian.

.John Michels, 87, American football player (Tennessee Volunteers) and coach (Minnesota Vikings).

.René Mouille, 94, French aviation engineer.

.Dianne Oxberry, 51, British broadcaster (BBC North West Tonight), cancer.

.Lionel Price, 91, British Olympic basketball player (1948).

.Ron Smith, 94, British comic artist (Judge Dredd).

.Sir Conrad Swan, 94, Canadian-born British officer of arms.

• mercoledì 9

.Ian Adamson, 74, Northern Irish politician, Lord Mayor of Belfast (1996–1997), MLA (1998–2003).

.Fernando Aiuti, 83, Italian immunologist and politician, fall.

.Gebran Araiji, 67, Lebanese politician.

.Kjell Bäckman, 84, Swedish Olympic speed skater (1960).

.Verna Bloom, 80, American actress (Animal House, High Plains Drifter, The Last Temptation of Christ), complications from dementia.

.Francesco Dal Bosco, 63, Italian film director.

.Pierre de Bané, 80, Palestinian-born Canadian politician, MP (1968–2013).

.Óscar González-Quevedo, 88, Spanish-born Brazilian Jesuit priest and parapsychologist, heart disease.

.Joseph Lawson Howze, 95, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Biloxi (1977–2001).

.Joseph Jarman, 81, American jazz musician (Art Ensemble of Chicago) and Shinshu Buddhist priest.

.Conxita Julià, 98, Catalan poet.

.Paul Koslo, 74, German-Canadian actor (The Omega Man, Vanishing Point, Rooster Cogburn), pancreatic cancer.

.Matthew Locricchio, 71, American author of cookbooks and actor.

.Anatoly Lukyanov, 88, Russian politician, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union (1990–1991).

.Stefanos Miltsakakis, 59, Greek-born American actor (Lionheart, Waxwork II: Lost in Time, Best of the Best II).

.Melvin L. Moeschberger, 78, American biostatistician.

.Jakiw Palij, 95, Polish-born German Nazi collaborator.

.Milan Pancevski, 83, Macedonian politician, Chairman of the Presidium of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia (1989–1990).

.Paolo Paoloni, 89, Italian actor (Fantozzi, An Average Little Man, Cannibal Holocaust).

.Thierry Séchan, 69, French novelist.

.Alan Trask, 85, American politician, member of the Florida Senate (1969–1971, 1973–1982).

.Lester Wunderman, 98, American Hall of Fame advertising executive, creator of direct marketing.

• martedì 8

.Pierre Barillet, 95, French actor and novelist.

.José Belvino do Nascimento, 86, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Itumbiara (1981–1987) and Divinópolis (1989–2009).

.Jayantilal Bhanusali, 54, Indian politician, MLA (2007–2012), shot.

.Antal Bolvári, 86, Hungarian water polo player, Olympic champion (1952, 1956).

.Armando Bortolaso, 92, Italian-born Syrian Roman Catholic prelate, Vicar Apostolic of Aleppo (1992–2002).

.Lessie Brown, 114, American supercentenarian, oldest living person in the U.S.

.Sir William Cole, 92, Australian public servant, Secretary of the Department of Defence (1984–1986).

.Georges Dimou, 87, Greek singer.

.Aurino Ferreira, 92, Brazilian saxophonist.

.Gao Changqing, 59, Chinese surgeon, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

.Khosro Harandi, 68, Iranian chess master.

.Charles W. Harris, 92, American landscape architect.

.Huang Chin-tao, 93, Taiwanese World War II veteran (Imperial Japanese Navy) and resistance fighter (27 Brigade).

.Lennart Jansson, 92, Swedish politician. {death announced on this date}

.Sergei Khodakov, 52, Russian paralympic athlete (1992, 1996).

.Guje Lagerwall, 100, Swedish actress.

.Larry Langford, 72, American politician, mayor of Birmingham, Alabama (2007–2009).

.Julio Rubiano, 65, Colombianracing cyclist, heart attack.

.Giorgio Zur, 88, German Roman Catholic prelate, Apostolic Nuncio (1979–2005).

• lunedì 7

.Moshe Arens, 93, Lithuanian-born Israeli aeronautical engineer and politician, Minister of Defense (1983–1984, 1990–1992, 1999) and Foreign Affairs (1988–1990).

.Alfredo Arpaia, 88, Italian politician, Deputy (1982–1983).

.Guy Charmot, 104, French resistance fighter.

.Vytautas Einoris, 88, Lithuanian agronomist and politician.

.Edwin Erickson, 80, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania Senate (2001–2015).

.Laurie Gilfedder, 83, English rugby league footballer (national team, Warrington, Wigan).

.Jimmy Hannan, 84, Australian singer and game show host (Saturday Date), Gold Logie winner (1965), cancer.

.Francisco Hernández, 69, Costa Rican football player (Saprissa, national team).

.John Joubert, 91, South African-born British composer.

.Aline Kiner, 59, French journalist and writer.

.Clydie King, 75, American singer.

.Dave Laing, 71, English writer, editor and broadcaster.

.Nikolai Lisovoy, 72, Russian philosopher and church historian.

.Alanna Lockward, 57, Dominican curator, writer and filmmaker.

.Houari Manar, 38, Algerian raï singer, heart attack.

.Ivan Mašek, 70, Czech dissident, economist and politician, Deputy (1993–1998).

.John Mendelsohn, 82, American pharmacologist, President of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (1996–2011), glioblastoma.

.Alexander Potekhin, 67, Russian physicist.

.Theodore K. Rabb, 81, American historian.

.Ronald C. Read, 94, British-born Canadian mathematician.

.Carmencita Reyes, 87, Filipino politician, member of the House of Representatives (2007–2010), Governor of Marinduque (1998–2007; since 2010).

.A. G. Rigg, 81, British medievalist.

.Tom Rukavina, 68, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (1987–2013), leukemia.

.Jocelyne Saab, 70, Lebanese journalist and film director, cancer.

.John Salter Jr., 84, American academic and civil rights activist, subject of Woolworth sit-in movement photo, systemic lupus.

.Bernard Tchoullouyan, 65, Frenchjudoka, Olympic bronze medalist (1980), heart attack.

• domenica 6

.Jo Andres, 64, American filmmaker, choreographer and artist, peritoneal sclerosis.

.Joe Belmont, 84, American basketball player and coach.

.Annalise Braakensiek, 46, Australian model and actress (Pizza). (body discovered on this date)

.Johan Claassen, 89, South African rugby union player and coach (national team).

.Ben Coleman, 57, American basketball player (New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks).

.George Crowe, 82, Canadian ice hockey coach (Dartmouth College).

.Francisco Dela Cruz, 54, Northern Mariana Islands politician, member of the House of Representatives (2006–2014), heart attack.

.Emiliano Fabbricatore, 80, Italian Eastern Catholic prelate, Eparch of Territorial Abbey of St. Mary of Grottaferrata (2000–2013).

.José Ramón Fernández, 95, Cuban militant, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers (1978–2012).

.Derek Foster, Baron Foster of Bishop Auckland, 81, British politician, MP for Bishop Auckland (1979–2005) and member of the House of Lords (since 2005), cancer.

.Gustav Francl, 98, Czech translator and film critic. {death announced on this date}

.Lenny Green, 86, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox).

.Roy Hilton, 75, American football player (Baltimore Colts), Alzheimer's disease.

.Robert L. Kahn, 100, American social psychologist.

.Yuriy Kushnarev, 81, Russian film producer, director and actor (Autumn Marathon, Passport, Ku! Kin-dza-dza).

.Ivan Laskin, 48, Bulgarian actor.

.Kwamie Lassiter, 49, American football player (Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams), heart attack.

.Gebhardt von Moltke, 80, German diplomat, Ambassador to the UK (1997–1999).

.Alan R. Pearlman, 93, American sound engineer, founder of ARP Instruments.

.Derek Piggott, 96, British glider pilot and flight instructor, stroke.

.Gregg Rudloff, 63, American sound mixer (Mad Max: Fury Road, The Matrix, Glory), Oscar winner (1990, 2000, 2016), suicide.

.Lamin Sanneh, 76, Gambian-born American professor (Yale University, Yale Divinity School), stroke.

.W. Morgan Sheppard, 86, British actor (Transformers, Max Headroom, Gettysburg).

.Paul Streeten, 101, Austrian-born British economics professor.

.Gustav Andreas Tammann, 86, German astronomer.

.Myron Thompson, 82, American-born Canadian politician, MP (1993–2008), cancer.

.Bea Vianen, 83, Surinamese writer.

.Angelo Ziccardi, 90, Italian politician, Senator (1972–1983).

.Gene Zwozdesky, 70, Canadian politician, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (2012–2015), cancer.

• sabato 5

.Emil Brumaru, 80, Romanian writer and poet.

.Sergio Otoniel Contreras Navia, 92, Chilean Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of San Carlos de Ancud (1966–1974) and Temuco (1977–2001).

.Mungau Dain, 24, Ni-Vanuatu film actor (Tanna), sepsis.

.Rick Down, 68, American baseball hitting coach (New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets).

.Scott Dozier, 48, American convicted murderer, suicide by hanging.

.Alvin Fielder, 83, American jazz drummer, complications from heart failure and pneumonia.

.Eric Haydock, 75, British Hall of Fame bassist (The Hollies).

.Kenneth Hedberg, 98, American chemist.

.Stanley Insler, 81, American philologist.

.Odeen Ishmael, 70, Guyanese diplomat.

.Milan Jankovic, 89, Czech literary scholar, expert in Bohumil Hrabal work.

.Jack J. Kanski, 79, Polish-born British ophthalmologist.

.Aisha Lemu, 79, British-born Nigerian Islamic scholar.

.Pete Manning, 81, American football player (Chicago Bears, Calgary Stampedes, Toronto Argonauts).

.Rudolf Raff, 77, American biologist.

.John L. Said, 86, American Episcopal bishop (Southeast Florida, Central Florida).

.Bernice Sandler, 90, American women's rights activist.

.Dragoslav Šekularac, 81, Serbian football player (Red Star Belgrade, Yugoslavia national team) and manager (Marbella).

.Alexis Smirnoff, 71, Canadian professional wrestler (NWA, AWA, WWF), kidney failure.

.Sun Ganqing, 99, Chinese major general, Chief of Staff of the Guangzhou Military Region (1969–1977) and the Kunming Military Region (1977–1980).

.Antonio Torres Millera, 54, Spanish politician, member of the Aragonese Corts (since 2003), heart attack.

.Dan Tshanda, 54, South African musician (Splash), heart attack.

• venerdì 4

.Milan Balabán, 89, Czech Evangelical theologian.

.Norman Birnbaum, 92, American sociologist, heart disease and sepsis.

.Ivan Bortnik, 79, Russian actor (Family Relations, Mirror for a Hero, Lost in Siberia).

.Harold Brown, 91, American government official and nuclear physicist, Secretary of Defense (1977–1981), pancreatic cancer.

.John Burningham, 82, English author and illustrator, pneumonia.

.Moffatt Burriss, 99, American politician, member of the South Carolina House of Representatives (1977–1992).

.Charles Currie, 88, American Jesuit academic administrator, President of the AJCU (1997–2011), Xavier University (1982–1985), and Wheeling Jesuit University (1972–1982).

.Harold Demsetz, 88, American economist.

.Peter Doucette, 64, Canadian politician, MLA (1989–1996).

.Leo J. Dulacki, 100, American general.

.Miguel Gallastegui, 100, Spanish pelotari.

.David Edmund Talbot Garman, 96, British inventor and businessman.

.Tim Guido, 21, German abortion survivor ("Oldenburg Baby"), lung infection.

.Hakmeen Khan, Pakistani politician, founder of Pakistan Peoples Party.

.Torro Margens, 68, Indonesian actor and director.

.Kamylle Marinho, 16, Brazilian digital influencer, Ewing's sarcoma.

.John Nallen, 86, Irish Gaelic footballer (Crossmolina, Tuam Stars, Trim).

.Francisco Olivencia, 84, Spanish lawyer and politician, Deputy (1979–1982) and Senator (1993–2000).

.Norman Snider, 74, Canadian screenwriter (Dead Ringers, Body Parts, Casino Jack).

.John Thornett, 83, Australian rugby union player (New South Wales, national team).

.Wiet Van Broeckhoven, 69, Belgian radio presenter and writer.

• giovedì 3

.Hamza Abdullahi, 73, Nigerian politician, Military Governor of Kano State (1984–1985) and Minister of Federal Capital Territory (1986–1989).

.Gbenga Akintunde, 46, Nigerian actor, complications from malaria.

.Richard C. Bradt, 80, American materials engineer.

.Bob Burrow, 84, American basketball player (Kentucky Wildcats, Minneapolis Lakers, Rochester Royals).

.Joe Casely-Hayford, 62, British fashion designer, cancer.

.William Cochran, 84, American politician, member of the Indiana House of Representatives (1974–1982).

.Sylvia Chase, 80, American news anchor (KRON, ABC World News Tonight) and journalist (20/20).

.Chandrashekhar Shankar Dharmadhikari, 91, Indian judge and independence activist.

.John Falsey, 67, American writer and producer (St. Elsewhere, I'll Fly Away, Northern Exposure).

.Jack Fennell, 85, English rugby league footballer (Featherstone Rovers).

.Gao Chengyong, 54, Chinese serial killer and rapist, executed.

.Radamel García, 61, Colombian Olympic footballer (1980), heart attack.

.Reg Holland, 78, English footballer (Wrexham, Chester City, Altrincham).

.Sayed Ashraful Islam, 67, Bangladeshi politician, MP (since 2008) and Minister of Public Administration (since 2009), lung cancer.

.Herb Kelleher, 87, American businessman, co-founder of Southwest Airlines.

.William Miller, 62, American football player (Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Pittsburgh Maulers, Orlando Renegades), cancer.

.Anne-Marie Minvielle, 75, French journalist.

.Dibyendu Palit, 79, Indian writer.

.Steve Ripley, 69, American musician (The Tractors), cancer.

.Christine de Rivoyre, 97, French journalist (Le Monde), writer, and literary editor (Marie Claire).

.José Vida Soria, 81, Spanish jurist, writer and politician, Deputy (1977–1981) and rector of University of Granada (1984–1989), cancer.

.Thais St Julien, 73, American opera singer, Alzheimer's disease.

.Pinaki Thakur, 59, Indian poet.

.Michael Yeung, 73, Chinese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Hong Kong (since 2017), liver failure.

• mercoledì 2

.Ramakant Achrekar, 87, Indian cricket coach.

.Malcolm E. Beard, 99, American politician, member of the Florida Senate (1980–1996) and House of Representatives (1978–1980).

.Joel Bernstein, 77, American crystallographer.

.Darwin Bromley, 68, American game designer, founder of Mayfair Games.

.Jerry Buchek, 75, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets).

.Michele Caccavale, 71, Italian politician, Deputy (1994–1996).

.Paulien van Deutekom, 37, Dutch speed skater, world champion (2008), lung cancer.

.Daryl Dragon, 76, American musician and songwriter (Captain & Tennille, The Beach Boys), renal failure.

.Bob Einstein, 76, American actor (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ocean's Thirteen) and performer (Super Dave Osborne), leukemia.

.Bill Elsey, 97, British racehorse trainer (Epsom Oaks, St Leger Stakes).

.Dominic Filiou, 41, Canadian strongman, heart attack.

.Ramon Folch i Camarasa, 92, Spanish writer and translator.

.Theodore E. Gildred, 83, American diplomat, Ambassador to Argentina (1986–1989).

.Julia Grant, 64, British trans woman pioneer (A Change of Sex).

.Gu Fangzhou, 92, Chinese virologist credited with eradicating polio in China, President of Peking Union Medical College.

.Bob Hanner, 73, American politician, member of the Georgia House of Representatives (1974–2013).

.Waun Ki Hong, 76, American oncologist.

.Peter Kelly, 74, Irish politician, TD (2002–2011).

.Geoffrey Langlands, 101, British army officer and educator.

.Jerry Magee, 90, American sportswriter (The San Diego Union-Tribune, Pro Football Weekly).

.Mohammed Mahfel, 90-91, Syrian historian and archaeologist.

.Jim Margraff, 58, American football coach (Johns Hopkins Blue Jays), heart attack.

.Salvador Martínez Pérez, 85, Mexican Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Huejutla (1994–2009).

.Joe McCabe, 99, Irish hurler (Clonad, Laois).

.Kevin J. McIntyre, 57, American government official, Chairman of the FERC (2017–2018), brain cancer.

.Marko Nikolic, 72, Serbian actor (Bolji život).

.Blake Nordstrom, 58, American businessman, co-president of Nordstrom, lymphoma.

.Gene Okerlund, 76, American Hall of Fame professional wrestling interviewer (AWA, WWF, WCW), complications from a fall.

.Darius Perkins, 54, Australian actor (Neighbours, Home and Away, Prisoner), cancer.

.Samuel Rayan, 98, Indian theologian.

.Jerzy Turonek, 89, Polish-Belarusian historian.

.Tommy Watz, 60, Norwegian translator.

.George Welsh, 85, American football coach (Navy Midshipmen, Virginia Cavaliers).

• martedì 1

.Ludwig W. Adamec, 94, Austrian-born American historian.

.Yuri Artsutanov, 89, Russian engineer.

.Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Al Badawi, 58, Yemeni militant (Islamic Jihad of Yemen), airstrike.

.Dagfinn Bakke, 85, Norwegian artist.

.Shane Bisnett, 31, American bassist (Ice Nine Kills).

.Abdel Salam Bouhajar, 63, Moroccan poet.

.Ed Corney, 85, American bodybuilder.

.Ivan Dimitrov, 83, Bulgarian footballer (Lokomotiv Sofia, Spartak Sofia, national team).

.Feis Ecktuh, 32, Dutch rapper, shot.

.Elizabeth Edgar, 89, New Zealand botanist.

.Katie Flynn, 82, British author.

.Freddie Glidden, 91, Scottish footballer (Hearts, Dumbarton).

.Ivo Gregurevic, 66, Croatian actor (Madonna, Fine Dead Girls, What Iva Recorded).

.Joan Guinjoan, 87, Spanish composer and pianist.

.Ke Hua, 103, Chinese diplomat, ambassador to Guinea, Ghana, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

.Kris Kelmi, 63, Russian singer-songwriter (Autograph), heart attack.

.Bernd Kröplin, 74, German engineer and academic.

.Walt McKeel, 46, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox, Colorado Rockies).

.Paul Neville, 78, Australian politician, MP (1993–2013).

.José Antonio Pujante, 54, Spanish politician, member of the Assembly of Murcia (since 2007), heart attack.

.Raymond Ramazani Baya, 75, Congolese politician, Foreign Minister (2004–2007) and Ambassador to France (1990–1996).

.Richard Rifkind, 88, American cancer researcher.

.Steven P. Schinke, 73, American social work scholar.

.Joe Stapleton, 55, American radio broadcaster (WBZ) and actor (Mystic River, Spotlight).

.Tu Mingjing, 90, Chinese materials scientist, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

.Stephen Twinoburyo, 49, Ugandan mathematician, heart attack.

.María Teresa Uribe, 78, Colombian sociologist and academic (University of Antioquia).

.Larry Weinberg, 92, American real estate developer and sports team owner (Portland Trail Blazers).

.G. J. S. Wilde, 86, Dutch-born Canadian psychologist.

.Gilbert R. Winham, 80, American political scientist.

.Pegi Young, 66, American educator, philanthropist, and singer-songwriter, cancer.

.Perry Deane Young, 77, American journalist and playwright, cancer.