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• sabato 22

.Krishna Bose, 89, Indian social worker and politician, MP (1996–2004).

.June Dally-Watkins, 92, Australian model and businesswoman.

.Kiki Dimoula, 88, Greek poet.

.Binoy Dutta, 75, Indian politician, MLA (1996–2011).

.Mike Hughes, 64, American daredevil and flat Earth conspiracy theorist, rocket crash.

.Maryan Plakhetko, 74, Ukrainian footballer (SKA Lviv, CSKA Moscow, Soviet Union national team).

.B. Smith, 70, American restaurateur and television host, complications from Alzheimer's disease.

.Thích Quảng Độ, 91, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam (since 2008).

.Simon Warr, 66, British broadcaster (BBC) and actor (That'll Teach 'Em), pancreatic and liver cancer.

• venerdì 21

.A.P. Indy, 31, American racehorse and sire.

.Michel Charasse, 78, French politician, Senator (1992–2010).

.John S. Corcoran, 72, American folk singer, stuntman (A Stranger Is Watching) and actor.

.Nick Cuti, 75, American comic book artist (E-Man), cancer.

.Du Yulu, 79, Chinese actor (Yongzheng Dynasty), lung cancer.

.Stanislav Dvorský, 79, Czech poet and artist.

.Jeanne Evert, 62, American tennis player, ovarian cancer.

.Karol Fako, 88, Slovak Hall of Fame ice hockey player.

.Boris Leskin, 97, Russian actor (Heavenly Swallows, Vampire's Kiss, Men in Black).

.Phil Maloney, 92, Canadian ice hockey player (Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks) and coach (Vancouver Canucks).

.Lisel Mueller, 96, German-born American poet.

.Ilídio Pinto Leandro, 69, Portuguese Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Viseu (2006–2018).

.Vangelis Ploios, 82, Greek actor (The Auntie from Chicago, A Hero in His Slippers, The Countess of Corfu).

.Tao Porchon-Lynch, 101, American yoga master and author.

.Baju Ban Riyan, 78, Indian politician, MLA (1967–1980), MP (1980–1989, 1996–2014).

.Jorge Todesca, 73, Argentine economist and politician, Director of INDEC (2015–2019).

• giovedì 20

.Sadhu Aliyur, 57, Indian watercolor painter.

.Mary Rose Barrington, 94, British parapsychologist and barrister.

.Peter Louis Cakü, 66, Burmese Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Kengtung (since 2001).

.Peter Dreher, 87, German painter.

.David Forney, 22, American football player (Navy Midshipmen).

.Yona Friedman, 96, Hungarian-born French architect.

.Zoe Gail, 100, South African-born British singer and actress (No Orchids for Miss Blandish).

.István Gáli, 76, Hungarian Olympic boxer (1968).

.Jean-Claude Pecker, 96, French astronomer, President of the Société astronomique de France (1973–1976) and General Secretary of the International Astronomical Union (1964–1967).

.Malcolm Pyke, 81, English footballer (West Ham United, Crystal Palace, Dartford).

.Dan Radakovich, 84, American football coach (Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Rams).

.Jaroslav Šíma, 76, Czech ice hockey player.

.René Visse, 82, French politician, Deputy (1978–1981).

.Jimmy Wheeler, 86, English football player (Reading) and manager (Bradford City).

• mercoledì 19

.Lucien Aimé-Blanc, 84, French police officer.

.Pete Babando, 94, Canadian ice hockey player (Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Black Hawks, Boston Bruins), Stanley Cup champion (1950).

.Anatoly Bichukov, 85, Russian sculptor.

.Beatriz Bonnet, 89, Argentine actress (Mansedumbre), complications from Alzheimer's disease.

.Heather Couper, 70, British astronomer and broadcaster, President of the British Astronomical Association (1984–1986).

.Jean Daniel, 99, Algerian-born French journalist, founder of L'Obs.

.Wilfred De'ath, 82, British journalist (The Oldie).

.Noll Derriksan, 77, Canadian Westbank chief and artist.

.Gust Graas, 95, Luxembourgian painter and businessman.

.Thiruvalaputhur T A Kaliyamurthy, 71, Indian musical Thavil artist, heart attack.

.Jos van Kemenade, 82, Dutch politician, Minister of Education and Sciences (1973–1977, 1981–1982), Queen's Commissioner of North Holland (1992–2002).

.Inesa Kozlovskaya, 92, Russian physiologist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (1996).

.Robert H. Lee, 86, Canadian real estate executive, philanthropist and university administrator, chancellor of the University of British Columbia (1993–1996).

.Yervand Manaryan, 95, Iranian-born Armenian actor.

.K. S. Maniam, 78, Malaysian writer, bile duct cancer.

.José Mojica Marins, 83, Brazilian film director ("Coffin Joe", At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul), bronchopneumonia.

.Jerry G. Melvin, 90, American politician, member of the Florida House of Representatives (1968–1978).

.Fernando Morán, 93, Spanish diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs (1982–1985), ambassador to the UN (1985–1987) and MEP (1987–1999).

.Andrzej Popiel, 84, Polish actor.

.Wes Sandle, 84, New Zealand physicist (University of Otago).

.Pop Smoke, 20, American rapper ("Welcome to the Party"), shot.

.Sy Sperling, 78, American pitchman and consumer products executive (Hair Club).

.Seda Vermisheva, 87, Armenian-Russian poet and economist.

.Jack Youngerman, 93, American artist, complications from a fall.

• martedì 18

.Jaime Amat, 78, Spanish Olympic field hockey player (1964, 1972).

.Kishori Ballal, 82, Indian actress (Gair Kaanooni, Ek Alag Mausam, Aakramana).

.Pranjal Bharali, 60, Indian film producer (Antaheen Jatra, Suren Suror Putek, Junda Iman Gunda).

.José Bonaparte, 91, Argentine paleontologist.

.Flavio Bucci, 72, Italian actor (Property Is No Longer a Theft, Last Stop on the Night Train, Il divo), heart attack.

.Jon Christensen, 76, Norwegian jazz drummer (Masqualero).

.Linda P. Johnson, 74, American politician, member of the North Carolina House of Representatives (since 2001), stroke.

.Peter Montgomery, 72, American mathematician.

.Tapas Paul, 61, Indian actor (Dadar Kirti, Bhalobasa Bhalobasa, Mayabini) and politician, MLA (2001–2009) and MP (2009–2019), cardiac arrest.

.Bob Petty, 79, American television reporter and news anchor (WLS-TV), lung cancer.

.Ashraf Sinclair, 40, British-born Malaysian actor (Gol & Gincu The Series), heart attack.

.Bert Sutherland, 83, American computer scientist.

• lunedì 17

.Chaudhary Khurshid Ahmed, 85, Indian politician, MLA (1962–1967, 1968–1972, 1977–1982, 1987–1988, 1996–2000), MP (1988–1989).

.Owen Bieber, 90, American labor union executive, president of the United Automobile Workers (1983–1995).

.Jens Bjerre, 98, Danish adventurer and filmmaker.

.Ja'Net DuBois, 74, American actress (Good Times, The PJs) and singer (The Jeffersons theme).

.Henry Gray, 95, American Hall of Fame blues pianist and singer.

.Lorenzo León Alvarado, 91, Peruvian Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Huacho (1967–2003).

.Terry Lineen, 84, New Zealand rugby union player (Auckland, national team).

.Mário da Graça Machungo, 79, Mozambican politician, Prime Minister (1986–1994).

.Kizito Mihigo, 38, Rwandan gospel singer, organist and peace activist, founder of the Kizito Mihigo Peace Foundation.

.Charles Portis, 86, American author (True Grit, Norwood, Gringos), complications from Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

.Peter Schirmer, 85, British journalist (The Times, Gibraltar Chronicle) and author.

.Giorgi Shengelaia, 82, Georgian film director (Alaverdoba, Melodies of Vera Quarter, The Journey of a Young Composer).

.Vladimír Svitek, 57, Slovak ice hockey player.

.Georges Villeneuve, 97, Canadian politician, MP (1953–1958) and mayor of Dolbeau-Mistassini (1961–1968).

.Rita Walters, 89, American politician, member of the Los Angeles City Council (1991–2001).

.Andrew Weatherall, 56, English music producer (Screamadelica), DJ and musician (The Sabres of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen), pulmonary embolism.

.Ror Wolf, 87, German writer and poet.

.Mickey Wright, 85, American Hall of Fame golfer, AP Athlete of the Year (1963, 1964), heart attack.

.Mustafa Yücedağ, 53, Turkish footballer (Ajax, Galatasaray, national team), heart attack.

.Sonja Ziemann, 94, German actress (The Black Forest Girl, The Heath Is Green, The Bridge at Remagen).

• domenica 16

.Md. Rahamat Ali, 74, Bangladeshi politician, Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives (1999–2001), MP (1991–1995, 1996–2006, 2008–2018).

.Graeme Allwright, 93, New Zealand-born French singer-songwriter.

.Joan Armengol, 97, Andorran politician, Mayor of Andorra la Vella (1970–1971).

.Zoe Caldwell, 86, Australian actress (Master Class, Lilo & Stitch, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close), 4-time Tony winner, complications from Parkinson's disease.

.Pearl Carr, 98, English singer (Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson).

.Habul Chakraborty, 60, Indian politician, MLA (2011–2016).

.Frances Cuka, 83, British actress (Scrooge, The Watcher in the Woods, Snow White: A Tale of Terror).

.Clyde Davenport, 98, American old-time fiddler and banjo player.

.Jason Davis, 35, American actor (Recess, Beverly Hills Ninja).

.Harry Gregg, 87, Northern Irish footballer (Manchester United), Munich air disaster survivor.

.Jerzy Gruza, 87, Polish film director and screenwriter (Czterdziestolatek).

.Loek Hollander, 81, Dutch karate master.

.Barry Hulshoff, 73, Dutch football player (Ajax, national team) and manager (Lierse).

.Robert B. Jordan, 87, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina (1985–1989), member of the North Carolina Senate (1977–1985).

.Arun Kumar Kar, 81, Indian politician, MLA (1988–1993), cardiac arrest.

.Corinne Lahaye, 72, French actress (Now Where Did the 7th Company Get to?, Le Bourgeois gentilhomme).

.Erickson Le Zulu, 41, Ivorian disc jockey, cirrhosis.

.John Liebenberg, 61, South African photojournalist, complications from surgery.

.Dawn Mello, 88, American fashion executive (Bergdorf Goodman).

.Ed Murphy, 78, American college basketball coach (Ole Miss Rebels).

.Kellye Nakahara, 72, American actress (M*A*S*H, Clue, 3 Ninjas Kick Back) and artist, cancer.

.Agarala Eswara Reddi, 86, Indian politician, MLA (1967–1972, 1978–1983).

.M. Shamsur Rahman, 80, Bangladeshi academic, vice-chancellor of Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University (2006–2009).

.Glenn E. Summers, 94, American politician, member of the Florida House of Representatives (1947–1951).

.Larry Tesler, 74, American computer scientist (Apple Corps, Xerox), designer of cut, copy, and paste.

.Mátyás Tímár, 96, Hungarian economist and politician, Minister of Finance (1962–1967) and Governor of the National Bank (1975–1988). {death announced on this date}

• sabato 15

.Shahnaz Ansari, 50, Pakistani politician, MPA (since 2013), shot.

.Mykola Bondar, 29, Ukrainian figure skater.

.David Clewell, 65, American poet, Poet Laureate of Missouri (2010–2012).

.Virgil C. Dechant, 89, American Roman Catholic fraternity leader, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus (1977–2000).

.Robert H. Dyson, 92, American archaeologist.

.Duan Zhengcheng, 85, Chinese engineer, coronavirus.

.Tony Fernández, 57, Dominican baseball player (Toronto Blue Jays, San Diego Padres, Cleveland Indians), complications from kidney disease and stroke.

.Caroline Flack, 40, English television and radio presenter (The X Factor, Love Island, I'm a Celebrity: Extra Camp), suicide by hanging.

.Cavan Grogan, 70, Welsh rock and roll singer (Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers).

.Naeemul Haque, 70, Pakistani political advisor, blood cancer.

.Alan Henderson, 57, New Zealand television cameraman and puppeteer (Thingee), prostate cancer.

.A. E. Hotchner, 102, American editor and novelist, co-founder of Newman's Own.

.Noor Hussain, 90, Bangladeshi politician, MP (1986–1988).

.Simon Kagugube, 65, Ugandan lawyer and corporate executive, heart failure.

.A. K. M. Jahangir Khan, 80, Bangladeshi film producer (Nayanmani, Chandranath, Shuvoda).

.John Wesley Zvamunondiita Kurewa, 87, Zimbabwean academic, co-founder of Africa University.

.Vatroslav Mimica, 96, Croatian film director (The Jubilee of Mr Ikel, Prometheus of the Island, Anno Domini 1573) and screenwriter.

.Prince Kudakwashe Musarurwa, 31, Zimbabwean singer-songwriter, lung cancer.

.Hilmi Ok, 88, Turkish football referee (UEFA Euro 1980).

.Donald Stratton, 97, American naval seaman and memoirist (USS Arizona).

.David Sturtevant Ruder, 90, American jurist and academic.

.Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth, 89, German businessman.

.Sheu Yu-jer, 67, Taiwanese economist and politician, Minister of Finance (2016–2018).

.Ron Thompson, 66, American blues guitarist (John Lee Hooker).

.Nikita Pearl Waligwa, 15, Ugandan actress (Queen of Katwe), brain cancer.

.Léon Wurmser, 89, Swiss psychoanalyst.

.José Zalaquett, 77, Chilean lawyer and civil rights activist.

• venerdì 14

.Peter Iornzuul Adoboh, 61, Nigerian Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Katsina-Ala (since 2013).

.Gilbert Belin, 92, French politician and sculptor, Senator (1974–1983) and mayor of Brassac-les-Mines (1971–2001).

.Alwin Brück, 88, German politician.

.Malhotra Chamanlal, 84, Indian cricketer.

.Christophoros, 88, Greek Orthodox prelate.

.Ivo Cocconi, 90, Italian footballer (Parma).

.Lynn Cohen, 86, American actress (Sex and the City, Munich, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire).

.Jimmy Conway, 73, Irish footballer (Fulham, Portland Timbers, national team).

.Garrett Fitzgerald, 65, Irish rugby union player and coach.

.James V. Hatch, 92, American playwright, screenwriter and philanthropist.

.Brian Jackson, 86, English footballer (Liverpool, Port Vale).

.Adama Kouyaté, 92, Malian photographer.

.Reinbert de Leeuw, 81, Dutch conductor, composer and pianist.

.Matvey Natanzon, 47, Russian-born Israeli backgammon player.

.Godfrey O'Donnell, Northern Irish priest, president of the Irish Council of Churches (2012–2014).

.K. P. Rajendra Prasad, Indian politician, MLA (2001–2006), cancer.

.Decebal Traian Remeș, 70, Romanian economist and politician, Minister of Finance (1998–2000).

.Michel Ragon, 95, French art historian and critic.

.Esther Scott, 66, American actress (Boyz n the Hood, Dreamgirls, Hart of Dixie), heart attack.

.Sonam Sherpa, 48, Indian guitarist (Parikrama), cardiac arrest.

.John Shrapnel, 77, English actor (Gladiator, Troy, 101 Dalmatians), cancer.

.Abdus Sobhan, 83, Bangladeshi politician and convicted war criminal, MP (1991–1995, 2001–2006).

.Sun Ruyong, 92, Chinese ecologist, heart attack.

.Thrinimong Sangtam, 87, Indian politician, MLA (1987–1989).

.Masao Takahashi, 90, Canadian judoka.

.Clayton Williams, 88, American businessman and politician, pneumonia.

.Glenn Yasuda, 85, American grocer, co-founder of Berkeley Bowl, blood infection.

• giovedì 13

.Ronne Arnold, 81–82, American-born Australian dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and actor.

.Alexei Botyan, 103, Russian intelligence officer, Hero of the Russian Federation.

.Darryl Braxton, Trinidadian record producer (Bunji Garlin, KMC).

.Sir Des Britten, 80, New Zealand television chef, restaurateur and Anglican priest, cancer.

.Valeri Butenko, 78, Russian football referee (1986 FIFA World Cup).

.Renzo Chiocchetti, 74, Italian Olympic cross-country skier (1972, 1976).

.Christophe Desjardins, 57, French violist.

.Hermann Kahan, 93, Romanian-born Norwegian businessman and Holocaust survivor.

.Ai Kidosaki, 94, Japanese author and chef, heart failure.

.Carlo de Leeuw, 59, Dutch footballer (Feyenoord, SC Cambuur), tongue cancer.

.Buzzy Linhart, 76, American folk-rock singer and songwriter.

.Charles James McDonnell, 88, American Roman Catholic bishop.

.Ralph Mercier, 83, Canadian politician, mayor of Charlesbourg (1984–2001).

.Karel Neffe, 71, Czech rower, Olympic bronze medalist (1972).

.Chuckie O'Brien, 86, American teamster, depicted in The Irishman, heart attack.

.Rajendra K. Pachauri, 79, Indian economist and engineer, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2002–2015).

.Daniel M. Pierce, 91, American politician, member of the Illinois House of Representatives (1965–1985).

.Charles H. Pitman, 84, American lieutenant general, cancer.

.Rafael Romero Marchent, 93, Spanish film director (Dead Men Don't Count, Sartana Kills Them All), actor (Mare Nostrum) and screenwriter.

.Yoshisada Sakaguchi, 80, Japanese voice actor (Reign: The Conqueror, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Appleseed), colorectal cancer.

.Imtilemba Sangtam, 74, Indian politician, MLA (2003–2008, 2013–2018).

.Chuck Shelton, 84, American football player (Pittsburg State) and coach (Drake Bulldogs, Utah State Aggies).

.Mahima Silwal, Nepali actress, traffic collision.

.Miloš Stehlík, 96, Czech art historian.

.Zara Steiner, 91, American-born British historian and academic.

.Jacob Thiele, 40, American rock keyboardist (The Faint).

.Jimmy Thunder, 54, Samoan-born New Zealand heavyweight boxer, Commonwealth Games champion (1986), complications from brain surgery.

• mercoledì 12

.Javier Arevalo, 82, Mexican artist, heart failure.

.Sir Michael Berridge, 81, Southern Rhodesian-born British biochemist.

.Benon Biraaro, 61, Ugandan military officer, colon cancer.

.Christie Blatchford, 68, Canadian journalist (The Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Sun), lung cancer.

.Hubert Boulard, 49, French comic book author.

.Miguel Cordero del Campillo, 95, Spanish veterinarian and parasitologist, Senator (1977–1979), rector of the University of León (1984–1986).

.Simone Créantor, 71, French athlete.

.Paul English, 87, American drummer (Willie Nelson), pneumonia.

.Takis Evdokas, 91, Cypriot politician and psychiatrist, founder of the Democratic National Party.

.John Feit, 87, American Roman Catholic priest and murderer (Irene Garza).

.Lecile Harris, 83, American Hall of Fame rodeo clown and actor (Hee Haw, Walking Tall: Final Chapter, The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James).

.Geert Hofstede, 91, Dutch social psychologist.

.Frederick R. Koch, 86, American collector and philanthropist.

.Mike Lilly, 70, American banjo player and singer, leukemia.

.Hamish Milne, 80, English pianist.

.Nikolai Moskvitelev, 93, Russian military officer (Soviet Naval Aviation, Soviet Air Defence Forces).

.Victor Olaiya, 89, Nigerian highlife trumpeter.

.Wendell Rodricks, 59, Indian fashion designer.

.Søren Spanning, 68, Danish actor (Jul i Valhal, Headhunter, A Royal Affair).

.T. Tali, 77, Indian politician, MLA (1977–1982, 1987–1989, 1993–2008).

.Nikitas Venizelos, 89, Greek businessman (Venizelos SA) and politician, MP (1974–1981, 1993–1996) and Deputy Speaker (1993–1996).

.Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon, 59, American stuntwoman (Back to the Future Part II, Thor, They Live), shot.

.Tamás Wichmann, 72, Hungarian sprint canoeist, Olympic silver (1968, 1972) and bronze medalist (1976).

• martedì 11

.François André, 52, French politician, Deputy (since 2012), lung cancer.

.Maurice Byblow, 73, Canadian politician.

.Bob Cashell, 81, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of Nevada (1983–1987) and mayor of Reno (2002–2014).

.George Coyne, 87, American Roman Catholic priest and astronomer, director of the Vatican Observatory (1978–2006), cancer.

.Jim Cullinan, 77, Irish hurler (Newmarket-on-Fergus).

.Jean-Pierre Gallet, 76, Belgian journalist (RTBF).

.Raj Kumar Gupta, 85, Indian politician, MLA (2002–2007).

.Ron Haddrick, 90, Australian cricketer and actor (The Stranger, Dot and Santa Claus, Quigley Down Under).

.Louis-Edmond Hamelin, 96, Canadian geographer.

.Yasumasa Kanada, 70, Japanese mathematician, myocardial ischemia.

.Jack Kramer, 80, Norwegian footballer (Vålerenga, national team).

.Charles Lanyer, 77, American actor (The Stepfather, Fire Birds, Die Hard 2).

.Anne Windfohr Marion, 81, American heiress and art patron, co-founder of Georgia O'Keeffe Museum.

.Sammy McCarthy, 88, British boxer.

.Jacques Mehler, 83, French cognitive psychologist.

.Galina Nikulina, 73, Russian actress (Two Tickets for a Daytime Picture Show, Agony, Charlotte’s Necklace).

.Katsuya Nomura, 84, Japanese Hall of Fame baseball player (Nankai Hawks) and manager (Yakult Swallows).

.Valery Reinhold, 77, Russian footballer (Spartak Moscow).

.Marcelino dos Santos, 90, Mozambican poet and politician, Vice President of FRELIMO (1970–1977) and President of the Assembly of the Republic (1977–1994).

.Joseph Shabalala, 78, South African musician (Ladysmith Black Mambazo).

.Betty Siegel, 89, American academic, president of Kennesaw State University (1981–2006).

.Joseph Vilsmaier, 81, German film director (Stalingrad, Brother of Sleep, Comedian Harmonists).

• lunedì 10

.Abam Bocey, 32, Malaysian comedian and actor.

.Saïd Amara, 75, Tunisian handball player and coach (Espérance Sportive de Tunis, National Team).

.Efigenio Ameijeiras, 88, Cuban revolutionary and military commander (Bay of Pigs Invasion), sepsis.

.Claire Bretécher, 79, French cartoonist, co-founder of L'Écho des savanes.

.Diana Garrigosa, 75, Spanish teacher and activist (Pasqual Maragall Foundation).

.Waqar Hasan, 87, Pakistani cricketer (national team).

.Robert Hermann, 88, American mathematician, pneumonia.

.Patrick Jordan, 96, English actor (The Angry Hills, The Marked One, Star Wars). {death announced on this date}

.Ignatius Datong Longjan, 75, Nigerian politician, Senator (since 2019).

.Lyle Mays, 66, American jazz pianist and composer (Pat Metheny Group).

.Qinni, 29, Canadian artist, cancer.

.Dick Scott, 86, American baseball player (Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs).

.Rubén Selman, 56, Chilean football referee, heart attack.

.Shariff Abdul Samat, 36, Singaporean footballer (Tampines Rovers, Hougang United, national team).

.John Smith, 83, Australian cricketer (Victoria).

.Pavel Vilikovský, 78, Slovak writer.

• domenica 9

.Terry Bamford, 77, British social worker.

.Michael Bushby, 88, English cricketer (Cambridge University Cricket Club).

.Sir John Cadogan, 89, British organic chemist.

.Délizia, 67, Belgian singer.

.Abdel Aziz El Mubarak, 69, Sudanese singer, pneumonia.

.Marvin P. Feinsmith, 87, American bassoonist.

.Mirella Freni, 84, Italian operatic soprano.

.David Gistau, 49, Spanish TV writer and novelist, brain injury.

.Margareta Hallin, 88, Swedish operatic soprano.

.Sorrel Hays, 79, American pianist and composer.

.Giriraj Kishore, 82, Indian writer, heart attack.

.Enrique Marin, 84, Spanish-born French painter and sculptor.

.Peter McCall, 83, English footballer (Bristol City, Oldham Athletic).

.P. Parameswaran, 91, Indian historian and political activist (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh).

.Carlos Julio Pereyra, 97, Uruguayan politician, Senator (1966–2005), kidney failure.

.K. Jayachandra Reddy, 90, Indian jurist, Judge of the Supreme Court (1979–1980) and Chairman of the Press Council (2001–2005).

.Bill Robinson, 71, Canadian Olympic basketball player (1976).

.Donald Russell, 99, British classicist and academic.

.Sergei Slonimsky, 87, Russian composer (The Republic of ShKID, The Mysterious Wall, Summer Impressions of Planet Z), pianist and musicologist.

.Taty Sumirah, 68, Indonesian badminton player, 1975 Uber Cup winner, lung disease.

.Alvin V. Tollestrup, 95, American physicist.

• sabato 8

.Mykolas Arlauskas, 89, Lithuanian agronomist, signatory of the Act of March 11.

.Robert Conrad, 84, American actor (Hawaiian Eye, The Wild Wild West, Baa Baa Black Sheep), heart failure.

.Maurice Girardot, 98, French basketball player, Olympic silver medalist (1948).

.Aleksandr Titovich Golubev, 83, Russian intelligence officer (KGB, Foreign Intelligence Service).

.Victor Gorelick, 78, American comic book editor (Archie Comics).

.Erazim Kohák, 86, Czech philosopher and writer.

.Paula Kelly, 77, American actress (Night Court, Santa Barbara, Soylent Green) and dancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

.Robert Massin, 94, French graphic designer, cerebral hemorrhage.

.Dave McCoy, 104, American businessman, founder of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

.Ron McLarty, 72, American author, narrator and actor (Spenser: For Hire, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Champs).

.Poéti Norac, 24, French surfer.

.Bhagwat Patel, 84, Indian politician, MLA (1990–1993).

.Carlos Rojas Vila, 91, Spanish author.

.Sankar Sen, 92, Indian academic and politician, vice chancellor of Jadavpur University, MLA (1991–2001).

.Keelin Shanley, 51, Irish journalist and newscaster (RTÉ News: Six One), cancer.

.Volker Spengler, 80, German actor (In a Year of 13 Moons, The Third Generation, The Marriage of Maria Braun).

.Grazia Volpi, 78, Italian film producer (Caesar Must Die, Fiorile).

.Yi Hae-won, 100, South Korean princess, head of the House of Yi (since 2005).

• venerdì 7

.Mohammad S. Abdeli, Saudi Arabian footballer.

.Sir Leonard Appleyard, 81, British diplomat, Ambassador to China (1994–1997).

.Orson Bean, 91, American actor (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Being John Malkovich) and game show panelist (To Tell the Truth), traffic collision.

.Raju Bharatan, 86, Indian cricket journalist.

.Ron Calhoun, 86, Canadian non-profit executive (Canadian Cancer Society, Marathon of Hope).

.Angel Echevarria, 48, American baseball player (Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs), fall.

.Lucille Eichengreen, 95, German Holocaust survivor and memoirist.

.Lenin El-Ramly, 74, Egyptian screenwriter (The Terrorist).

.Brian Glennie, 73, Canadian ice hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Kings), Olympic bronze medallist (1968).

.Mary Griffith, 85, American LBGT rights activist.

.Pierre Guyotat, 80, French novelist.

.Ilja Janitskin, 42, Finnish publisher, founder of MV-media, bowel cancer.

.Marilyn Jenkins, 85, American baseball player (Grand Rapids Chicks).

.Paul Koralek, 86, Austrian-born British architect.

.Bal Kudtarkar, Indian radio personality.

.Jørgen E. Larsen, 74, Danish football player (Herfølge) and manager (Ghana national team, Qatar national team).

.John Lauck, 64, American food and charity executive, CEO of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, cycling collision.

.Li Wenliang, 33, Chinese ophthalmologist and whistleblower, coronavirus.

.James McGarrell, 89, American painter.

.Nexhmije Pagarusha, 86, Albanian singer and actress.

.Brian Pilkington, 86, English footballer (Burnley, Bolton Wanderers, Barrow).

.Larry Popein, 89, Canadian ice hockey player (New York Rangers, Oakland Seals) and coach (Omaha Knights).

.Harold Strachan, 94, South African writer and anti-apartheid activist.

.Ann E. Todd, 88, American actress.

.Wichie Torres, 67, Puerto Rican painter, cardiovascular disease.

• giovedì 6

.Philippe Adamov, 63, French cartoonist.

.Dick Atha, 88, American basketball player (New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons).

.Francie Brolly, 82–83, Irish politician, MLA (2003–2010).

.Raphaël Coleman, 25, British actor (Nanny McPhee, It's Alive, The Fourth Kind).

.Gyurme Dorje, 69, Scottish Buddhist philosopher.

.Lynn Evans, 95, American singer (The Chordettes).

.Diego Farias, 27, American metal guitarist (Volumes).

.Greg Hawick, 87, Australian rugby league football player (South Sydney Rabbitohs, national team) and coach (North Sydney Bears).

.Gioacchino Illiano, 84, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Nocera Inferiore-Sarno (1987–2011).

.Laurie Johnson, 92, Barbadian cricketer (Derbyshire). {death announced on this date}

.Emma Jolliff, New Zealand journalist and television presenter (Newshub), cancer.

.Roger Kahn, 92, American author (The Boys of Summer).

.Malik Ata Muhammad Khan, 78, Pakistani feudal lord and politician.

.Bruno Léchevin, 68, French trade unionist (Électricité de France).

.Jan Liberda, 83, Polish football player (Polonia Bytom, AZ, national team) and manager.

.Romuald Lipko, 69, Polish composer and rock musician (Budka Suflera), cancer.

.Ola Magnell, 74, Swedish musician, heart failure.

.Miss Shefali, 76, Indian actress (Pratidwandi), kidney disease.

.Jimmy Moran, 84, Scottish footballer (Norwich City, Northampton Town, Workington).

.André Neles, 42, Brazilian-Equatorial Guinean footballer (Botafogo Futebol Clube, São Carlos, Equatorial Guinea national team).

.Bommireddy Sundara Rami Reddy, 84, Indian politician, MLA (1978–1983, 1985–1994).

.Peter Rockwell, 83, American sculptor.

.Nello Santi, 88, Italian conductor.

.J. B. Sumarlin, 87, Indonesian economist and politician, Minister of Finance (1988–1993).

.Krishna Baldev Vaid, 92, Indian writer.

.Jhon Jairo Velásquez, 57, Colombian hitman, drug dealer and extortionist (Medellín Cartel), esophageal cancer.

.Wang Jin, 93, Chinese archaeologist, thoracic spinal tuberculosis.

• mercoledì 5

.Aidar Akayev, 43, Kyrgyz politician, President of the National Olympic Committee (2004–2005), cardiac arrest.

.Carlos Barisio, 69, Argentine footballer (Gimnasia, All Boys, Ferro Carril Oeste), lung cancer.

.Eamonn Boyce, 94–95, Irish IRA volunteer.

.Diane Cailhier, 73, Canadian filmmaker and director.

.Stanley Cohen, 97, American biochemist, Nobel Prize laureate (1986).

.Kevin Conway, 77, American actor (Gettysburg, Thirteen Days, Oz), heart attack.

.Ian Cushenan, 86, Canadian ice hockey player (Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks), Stanley Cup champion (1959).

.Kirk Douglas, 103, American actor (Spartacus, Paths of Glory, Seven Days in May), Honorary Oscar winner (1996).

.F. X. Feeney, 66, American screenwriter (Frankenstein Unbound, The Big Brass Ring), film director and film critic.

.James Leo Garrett Jr., 94, American theologian.

.Abadi Hadis, 22, Ethiopian Olympic long-distance runner (2016).

.Irwin Kremen, 94, American artist.

.Boris Lutsenko, 82, Belarusian stage and film director. {death announced on this date}

.Beverly Pepper, 97, American sculptor.

.Lawrence W. Pierce, 95, American jurist, Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (1981–1995).

.Yves Pouliquen, 88, French ophthalmologist, member of the Académie française (since 2001).

.Mohammad Shafiq, Pakistani politician, MLA (since 2015), cardiac arrest.

.Rajendra Prakash Singh, 75, Indian politician, MLA (1990–1998), cancer.

• martedì 4

.Giancarlo Bergamini, 93, Italian fencer, Olympic gold medalist (1956).

.Claudio Bonadio, 64, Argentine federal judge (Notebook scandal, AMIA bombing), brain tumor.

.Asa Branca, 57, Brazilian rodeo commentator, jaw cancer.

.Kamau Brathwaite, 89, Barbadian poet and academic.

.Bill Britten, 91, American actor (Bozo the Clown).

.Andrew Brough, 56, New Zealand musician and songwriter (Straitjacket Fits).

.Buddy Cage, 73, American pedal steel guitarist (New Riders of the Purple Sage, Great Speckled Bird), multiple myeloma.

.Gil Coan, 97, American baseball player (Washington Senators, Baltimore Orioles, New York Giants).

.José Luis Cuerda, 72, Spanish film director (Butterfly's Tongue, Amanece, que no es poco), producer (The Others) and screenwriter, Goya winner (1987, 1988, 2000, 2009).

.Marie-Fanny Gournay, 93, French politician.

.Tibor Halgas, 38, Hungarian footballer (Diósgyőri VTK, BKV Előre SC), traffic collision.

.Terry Hands, 79, British theatre director (Royal Shakespeare Company).

.Peter Hogg, 80, New Zealand-born Canadian lawyer and legal scholar.

.Volodymyr Inozemtsev, 55, Ukrainian triple jumper.

.Volker David Kirchner, 77, German violist and composer.

.Romualdas Lankauskas, 87, Lithuanian writer and playwright.

.Nadia Lutfi, 83, Egyptian actress (The Night of Counting the Years, Saladin the Victorious).

.Bonnie MacLean, 80, American psychedelic poster artist.

.Asiwaju Yinka Mafe, 46, Nigerian politician.

.Donatien Mavoungou, 72, Gabonese physician and fraudster.

.Alice Mayhew, 87, American book editor and publisher (Simon & Schuster).

.L. Jacques Ménard, 74, Canadian businessman, Chancellor of Concordia University (2012–2014).

.Jane Milmore, 64, American playwright, television writer and producer (Martin, Newhart, The Hughleys), pancreatic cancer.

.Zwy Milshtein, 85, Romanian-born French painter.

.Gianni Minervini, 91, Italian film producer (Berlinguer, I Love You, Where's Picone?, Marrakech Express), Nastro d'Argento winner (1984).

.Daniel arap Moi, 95, Kenyan politician, MP (1963–2004), Vice President (1967–1978) and President (1978–2002), multiple organ failure.

.Nguyễn Văn Chiếu, 70, Vietnamese martial artist, master of Vovinam.

.William Oxley, 80, English poet and philosopher.

.Ljiljana Petrović, 81, Serbian singer ("Neke davne zvezde").

.Eugen Pleško, 71, Croatian Olympic cyclist (1972).

.Frank Plummer, 67, Canadian microbiologist (rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine).

.Benito Sarti, 83, Italian footballer (Sampdoria, Juventus, national team).

.Teodor Shanin, 89, Lithuanian-born British sociologist.

.Alexander Skvortsov, 65, Russian ice hockey player, Olympic champion (1984).

.Fernando Suarez, 52, Filipino Roman Catholic priest, heart attack.

.John C. Whitcomb, 95, American theologian, co-author of The Genesis Flood.

• lunedì 3

.Robert Alner, 76, British racehorse trainer.

.Pranab Kumar Gogoi, 83, Indian politician, MLA (since 2001).

.John Grant, 70, Scottish science fiction writer.

.Durul Huda, 64, Bangladeshi politician, MP (1988–1990), mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation (1990).

.David Kessler, 60, French senior official (Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel, Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée).

.William John McNaughton, 93, American-born Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Incheon (1961–2002).

.Vilen Prokofyev, 18, Kazakh ice hockey player (Snezhnye Barsy Astana), Ewing's sarcoma.

.Gene Reynolds, 96, American actor (Gallant Sons) and television producer (M*A*S*H, Lou Grant), heart failure.

.Frank H. T. Rhodes, 93, British-American academic, president of Cornell University (1977–1995).

.Josefa Rika, 32, Fijian cricketer (national team).

.Valentyna Shevchenko, 84, Ukrainian politician, chairperson of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1985–1990).

.George Steiner, 90, French-American literary critic and essayist (After Babel).

.Jana Vápenková, 72, Czech Olympic volleyball player (1972).

.Roy Walton, 87, English card magician.

.Eugen V. Witkowsky, 69, Russian fantasy writer.

.Willie Wood, 83, American Hall of Fame football player (Green Bay Packers).

• domenica 2

.Peter Aluma, 46, Nigerian basketball player (Liberty University, Sacramento Kings).

.Deborah Batts, 72, American judge (U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York).

.Claire Clouzot, 86, French film director and critic.

.Johnny Lee Davenport, 69, American actor (The Fugitive, Joy, Work in Progress), leukemia.

.Bernard Ebbers, 78, Canadian communications executive and convicted fraudster, CEO of WorldCom (1985–2002).

.Mad Mike Hoare, 100, British mercenary leader (Congo Crisis, Operation Angela).

.Kofi B, Ghanaian highlife musician, heart attack.

.Ivan Král, 71, Czech-American musician and songwriter ("Ask the Angels", "Pumping (My Heart)", "Dancing Barefoot").

.David Lacy-Scott, 99, English cricketer (Cambridge University, Kent).

.Enemésio Ângelo Lazzaris, 71, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Balsas (since 2008).

.Philip Leder, 85, American geneticist.

.Mike Moore, 71, New Zealand politician, Prime Minister (1990), Director-General of the World Trade Organization (1999–2002), Ambassador to the United States (2010–2015).

.Ryszard Olszewski, 87, Polish Olympic basketball player (1960) and trainer, and politician.

.Lovelady Powell, 89, American actress (I Never Sang for My Father, The Possession of Joel Delaney, The Happy Hooker).

.Kommareddy Surender Reddy, Indian politician, MLA (1985–1989).

.M. Narayana Reddy, 88, Indian politician, MP (1967–1971), MLA (1972–1978).

.Gale Schisler, 86, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1965–1967).

.Robert Sheldon, Baron Sheldon, 96, British politician, MP (1964–2001) and member of the House of Lords (2001–2015), heart attack.

.Rabi Singh, 89, Indian Odia poet.

.Salahuddin Wahid, 77, Indonesian politician and Islamic scholar, MP (1998–1999), complications from heart surgery.

.Valentin Yanin, 90, Russian historian.

• sabato 1

.Viktor Afanasyev, 72, Russian military musician, Senior Director of the Military Band Service of the Armed Forces of Russia (1993–2002).

.Péter Andorai, 71, Hungarian actor (My Father's Happy Years, Bizalom, My 20th Century).

.Danny Ayres, 33, British motorcycle racer.

.Ilie Bărbulescu, 62, Romanian footballer (Argeș Pitești, Steaua, national team), heart attack.

.Harold Beane, 73, American guitarist (Isaac Hayes, Funkadelic).

.Ruth Ben-Israel, 88, Israeli jurist.

.Leons Briedis, 70, Latvian poet and author.

.John A. DiBiaggio, 87, American academic administrator, president of the University of Connecticut (1970–1985), Michigan State University (1985–1992) and Tufts University (1992–2001).

.Ronald Duman, 65, American professor of psychiatry.

.Lila Garrett, 94, American television writer (Bewitched, Baby, I'm Back).

.Luciano Gaucci, 81, Italian football executive, President of Perugia (1991–2004).

.Andy Gill, 64, English post-punk guitarist (Gang of Four) and record producer.

.Clarence "Jeep" Jones, 86, American community activist.

.Jaswant Singh Kanwal, 100, Indian novelist.

.Roger Landry, 86, Canadian businessman and publisher (La Presse).

.Lev Mayorov, 50, Russian-Azerbaijani football player and trainer (Kuban Barannikovsky, Chernomorets Novorossiysk, national team).

.Denford McDonald, 90, New Zealand businessman.

.Hubert Meller, 106, Polish diplomat.

.Daniela Olkiewicz, 100, Polish scoutmaster.

.Luciano Ricceri, 79, Italian production designer (A Special Day, Captain Fracassa's Journey).

.Admiral K. Sangma, Indian politician, MLA (1993–2003), heart disease.

.Peter Serkin, 72, American classical pianist, Grammy winner (1966), pancreatic cancer.

.Charles Wood, 87, British screenwriter (The Knack ...and How to Get It, Help!, Iris).